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November 06, 2006

what's going on..??

Why is it that people are not blogging anymore?? Surely writing on your blog is far more fun than doing work.. I wonder if the freshers even know that the phenomena that is a blog exists. Anyway, I’m writing an essay on prostitution. It’s highly entertaining stuff. I mean it, it’s really interesting.

October 21, 2006

I hereby name you

I have now come up with names for my now two remaining fish, as I can indeed confirm that the third little one is still missing, presumed eaten. After a whole lot of deliberation I have christened my fish Mini-me and Chip. Wanting at first to name them Fish and Chip I soon realised that it was cruel to the little creature named Fish and would most certainly only result in bullying from the much larger Chip. Really, would you want to be named ‘Human’, or someting of a similar nature?? Clearly not!! So not being able to name my fish Fish how then could my mind not wander but to the ruler of the Oceans; the sword fish of sword fish; the majestic Marlin (ie. MEEEEEEEE in a sort of weird sense). In my logic I decided that the nearly-named Fish did indeed look like a mini version of me; certainly after scaling me down about 100 times and removing the spear-like snout you end up with something that looks just like Mini-me!!
So that you can all see this likeness I’ve inserted two images. Clearly

looks just like:
marlin ie meee

Obviously I did think of naming my fish Mini-me and Nemo but there is just no likeness at all between either Mini-me or Chip and a Clown fish to warrant the name Nemo. Besides, implying that one is the father of the other would just be absurd!!

October 10, 2006

Library…friend or foe?

I used the library for the first time today. Well, properly used it. I got a book out and everything and whilst I was wondering around aimlessly, not really knowing where to look I was wondering to myself whether some people just instinctively know how to use the jungle that is the Library. Is it a gene that I somehow lack?
I was slightly embarassed at being a third year student and still had to ask someone how to use the photocopyer properly :s or how to return an SRC book. I felt stupid and now I wallow in self-pity because I’ve got a cold…

Anyway, I think that one of my fish has been eaten. I can’t seem to find him anywhere and to be realistic there’s not that many places that he could hide. Who ever knew goldfish were carnivores?

May 26, 2006

I'm slowly going mad…

Am I the only one who considers some questions in exams worthy the phrase ‘to kill for’?? You know those questions you can actually answer!! Why is it that they only appear in past exams, and usually last year’s as well so that there is absolutely no chance of them appearing this year??

Why is it that the only topics I consider not worthwhile to revise, because they have never appeared in the past, always show up in the compulsory part of the exam?? Using this logic I’d say that the topics that will turn up in my exam tomorrow will be on auditing, cash flow statements and probably activity based costing. There won’t be anything on absorption costing or ratio analysis now that I have learnt all the 17 equations by heart and know how to apply them.

On a good note though, I have realised that the maths and stats department have a sort of reward scheme. Meaning if you overload on your CATS, which I have done, you can in theory get a 2 (1) without actually performing to a 2 (1) standard. So you see for me to get a 2 (1), as an example, I only in fact need to get an average of 57.3% in my exams. Similarly for me to get a first I only need 66.8%. So it really pays off to do fuck–loads (obviously up to a point) and overload your CATS. It makes me happy, although it was pointed out to me that I should always aim to get a 100%, which I’d say is relatively impossible but none the less I get the point.
So yes, this little 'reward scheme' is why people in the past have got more than 100% as calculated using the Seymour Formula in their exams, sadly not me though.
Anyway, enough of geekyness. Exam tomorrow (eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!!!!!!), have to continue with my revision. (And yes I know that one can say that blogging is not geeky whereas revision is…)

May 25, 2006

18 days and counting

Sitting there on the Piazza eating ice–cream with Mez, Helen and Ros I was watching all the finalists celebrating the fact that they have finished their exams. Alcohol aplenty; champagne, beer, you name it, they were drinking it. Anyway what I want to say is: please have some compassion for those of us who haven’t actually even started our exams yet. Yup, that does include me; I’ve got another 18 days and 6 exams to go!!! Don’t tempt us with wild parties and call us losers when we turn them down. It’s just not fair… sobs quietly I won't even be finished by the time the World Cup starts.

oh well, I’ve got revision to get on with.

May 11, 2006

First the football club then the WORLD!!!!

I just want to say congrats to everyone who got the position they wanted in the football elections yesterday. And while it’s great that so many of the positions were contested it’s certainly never easy to choose between friends. It was never clear cut who was going to win. This is the line up for next year:


2ND TEAM CAPTAIN – little Jen
SOCIAL SECS – Tam and Soph

Despite this being a “young” exec with only 4 people having been on the exec this year, I’m fairly certain that we can work well together.

Obviously I’m pleased to have been elected president. Think that it’s always been expected of me to run for the position, which is probably why no one ran against me yesterday.

PS. Thank you Rich for picking me up yesterday. Don't know what I'd do without you.

PPS. Well done to everyone who got (proper) awards yesterday. Can't think of people who deserve them more than you guys.

March 10, 2006

at least the sun shines in sussex

It’s that time of term again. The dreaded end to a good social life; being able to eat when you feel like it; not having to care about anyone apart from yourself (if you’re single that is). Yup, tomorrow I’m going home…
It also means that I’m edging closer to my birthday. This year I’m turning 22!! Why does that feel so much older than 21?? Before I know it, I’ll be 30, still single and well…I don’t know…something.
But obviously, it’s also time for something I’ve been looking forward to for months now. It’s nearly time for TOUR. On the 20th I’ll be jetting off to Spain, together with other equally as mad people. It’s going to be amazing!!

Have to tidy up my room; parents are coming in a few hours time. Tomorrow they are taking me to Crufts at the NEC. Clearly my idea of heaven!! I would not much rather have a long lie-in, or just relax. Nope, I absolutely love watching dogs run around a ring for a whole day. It's bliss.

So anyway, tomorrow I'm going home. Start working as a dental nurse at 8 o'clock Monday morning. Will be back on Saturday though for football :)

March 09, 2006

nocturnal is the only way to go

Some of you who know me, and some of you who don’t but are on my course, know that I had a huge project due in on linear regression this Thursday of week 10. Thinking I was being organised, and in an attempt to finish the assignment well before time, I actually started this thing about 2 weeks ago. Seeing as the assignment was only given out in week 7, I’d day that this was pretty good going. Yet here I am…
I woke up this evening after a short nap, thinking I was hearing the voices of friends of mine from my course. I could clearly hear Neera say a favourite line of hers: ‘I don’t understand’ followed by Lucy’s and Matt’s laughter. Thinking to myself ‘what the hell are they doing here??!!’ I dragged myself downstairs only to find out that they had only been a figment of my imagination; they were nowhere to be seen. I felt very confused, until I realised that it must be a side effect of a sleep-deprivation I have never felt before. In all honesty I’m surprised I’m still standing, metaphorically speaking. My brain feels as though it's trying to force its way out through my skull, all my muscles ache. Since getting up at quarter past 6 Monday morning I’ve had a total of 8 hours sleep. That means I’ve been awake for 62.5 hours out of a possible 70.5 hours, and I'm still awake. This blog entry is written to commemorate the 3 all-nighters I’ve had in a row. I’ve just handed in my assignment, but unfortunately the buses don’t run after 20 past one on weekdays, so I guess I’m stuck here on campus. The first bus back to Leam is not until 10 to eight, which means that I'll probably be back home by half past. Crap, that means I will have been awake about 66 hours out of possible 74. All I can say is that I’d better get a good mark for this thing; might actually kill someone if I don’t, or break down and cry…one of the two.

March 05, 2006

Facebook – a popularity contest??

It seems as though facebook is the hot new phase to hit Warwick. But what is really the point of facebook, apart from showing everyone how popular you want them to believe you are??

February 25, 2006

a bout of patriotism

I just realised how long ago it was that I actually wrote something on this thing. Reason: I’ve been having a spell of popularity!! Seems as though everyone want a piece of me, be it for birthday parties or just general piss-ups; my phone has been ringing constantly with people trying to convince me to come to socials, join the rifle society, get drunk at a 21st birthday party, etc and it simply leaves me no time to write on my favourite blog.

I have also been very patriotic (for once) while watching the Winter Olympics. I believe that my housemates are getting quite annoyed at my native country’s recent success, having ranked up a massive 13 medals of 6 golds, 2 silvers and 5 bronzes (with another gold up for grabs tomorrow in the men’s icehockey final against arch-rivals Finland…soooo exciting!!!) compared to England’s 1 silver. Even Australia has outdone England with a gold and a bronze so far.

So anyway, tomorrow I’ll bunk myself up in front of the TV because (apparently) they’re showing Sweden vs Finland in ice hockey at 12.50. As I said, it’s very exciting!!! Two neighbouring countries battling it out…can’t wait!!!!

February 14, 2006

someone, somewhere loves you!!..

And so it is Valentine’s Day yet again and like usual I’m single this year yet again. Can actually only remember one year when I was in a relationship on this dreaded day for all us singletons. That particular year (must have been the year I was turning 19) my boyfriend at the time couldn’t even be bothered to get me a card. But then again, I didn’t give him one either. Guess you could say our relationship was doomed from the start when, after just one month of going out, neither could be asked to even do this one small act. But that year was one of the few years that I didn’t actually receive anything. ValentineI have in the past been given roses, and last year a friend from home sent me a massive bouquet of flowers to my corridor. But no matter how sweet a gesture that was he should know by now that nothing will ever come out of it.

It seems as though it is a tradition now for Jen, my housemate, to give me whatever I get on Valentine’s Day. Last year she had to give me my flowers, because I had been out when they were delivered, and this year she gave me my card that came through the post this morning. As it was apparently sent by a secret admirer I will now eye everyone suspiciously, just to make sure that no one is trying to play a prank on me (what can I say, I’m just not that trusting), but either way it’s made my day and I’m certain to go to training smiling. Yet what gets to me is that obviously this person doesn’t know me well enough to be able to spell my name correctly (so I don’t really have to worry that this person is reading my blog :)), but have been able to find out my address, albeit not my post code.

So anyway, tonight my housemate Yantra and I are hitting Leam big time; me to commiserate the fact that I’m single yet again (celebrate, commiserate – any excuse to drink) and Yan because her boyfriend didn’t think it’d be wise for them to see each other and thus doesn’t seem to understand the importance of this day to her.

On a completely different note; Boz that highlighter still hasn’t properly come off. It no longer looks as though I have a relatively serious skin-condition, but I believe that if you look closely, you might still be able to make out the words ‘flatpack ikea girl’. By tonight I guarantee you though that no trace shall be left, even if it means scrubbing with turpentine.

February 11, 2006

inner smile

These past few weeks have been rather odd. I’ve hardly seen my housemates at all because I’ve just been really busy with going out and football (this includes one day spent in bed because of a particularly bad hangover). The thing with going out is that you get a taste for it. Even though I’m now shattered, after having been out on Wednesday to Score, after having been to UEA, and Thursday to Kelseys (plus I’ve played football a lot and I went Streetvibing on Thursday), I’m really up for going out tonight as well. But since my housemates are nowhere to be seen, I think that they are all out with their respective boyfriends/girlfriends and Rich has gone home, I have no one to go out with. So probably what I’ll do is spend the whole evening in front of the TV, watching whatever they’re showing from the Olympic Games, on my own no doubt.

So yes, anyway, these past few weeks have been odd because even though we have played brilliant football we’re out of the Cup and getting relegated from our division in BUSA, and I’ve also had some pretty crap news from my tutor. But all of these things somehow don’t seem too bad because of the many great nights out I’ve had recently. So even though things are definitely not going my way, it somehow feels as if they are. Maybe I’m just slightly delusional from a tad bit too much alcohol lately, but I just wanted to say that things are definitely good. Getting to know new people, starting dancing again, probably playing the best football I've done for a really long time…I can’t stop smiling…

Playing Tyburn tomorrow and, as we beat them 7 – 0 last time we played them, I don’t think that they’ll put up much of a challenge. But come and support anyway; the crowd last Sunday was wicked, would love to have a crowd equally big this week.

February 07, 2006

I thought that she had crushed my foot, and I’m not even left with a nice bruise…

just an inability to actually move my toes. At least it doesn’t hurt much now.
Losing at penalties against Tamworth sucked, but we all played so well so spirits were high anyway. Considering that the final would have been on the 2nd of April I guess that it was all for the best.
We have been absolutely amazing this past week. I hope UEA shiver with fear, if they’re not they should be. Hopefully we’ll whoop their arses on Wednesday. Meeting at half eight for breakfast everyone…

killer whales have always scared me

Is there something in the water?? (or maybe in the alcohol…) I have been having these really quite odd dreams lately.

Dream no. 1
Started off with someone, who at the time I thought was James Bond (don’t ask, I don’t know either), being sent out to sea in a missile. To get back to shore he starts swimming, which is when I realise it’s actually my dad and then somehow I appear on a sailing boat. killer whalesWe then realise that my brothers are missing and the water is infested with killer whales eating people. We find my brothers, fish them up and then we get to this ‘Waterworld’ kind of city. The water is red from all the blood, people are being eaten and no one is helping them to safety; they just stand there and watch…this is when I woke up.

Dream no. 2
I get a message on my phone from someone I used to know in Sweden telling me to phone her because something has happened. When I do she tells me that the person who used to be my best friend has died. (Can’t really remember any more, think I woke up at this point)

Dream no. 3
I’m at home with my parents when my mum tells me that someone phoned me from the Uni, telling me to be at the entrance of University House at 7.30 the next day, she didn’t know why.
Me: ‘Which one?? There are 34 entrances (?) to University House.’

The next scene is of me sitting down, surrounded by ca 50 people, also sitting down. I’m talking to a woman and she wants me to play a game involving me pointing at people whilst saying their name.
Me: ‘How can I?? I don’t know anyone’s name!’
Woman: ‘You should know their names; they’re all on your course.’
Me (something along the lines of): ‘There are 150 people on my course and we share lectures with people from Maths/Econ, Maths/Physics…and Maths/Stats. MS.02 can hold 243 people (?) and our lectures are usually full (that one is certainly not true). I can’t possibly know all these people!’
Then suddenly they all start talking at once and I tell them that because they are behaving like children they can play ‘Sleeping Lions’ (it’s a children’s game) instead, but the noise just gets louder and louder until I scream (for what seems like ages) at the top of my voice (have you ever seen that episode of the OC, season 2, when Marissa’s mum asks her what’s going on in her head, and she just screams?? That’s what it was like, minus the throwing of chairs…). Then it all goes quiet, but then they’re suddenly all sat around a table, and they’re singing. I get angry at this man, who appears to be their teacher, saying that they’re meant to be playing ‘Sleeping Lions’.
Man: ‘But they don’t want to…’
And then I wake up.

Apparently dreams are meant to reflect what you’re feeling; any dream interpreters out there…?

February 03, 2006

I’ll just go and hide in the corner of shame

Why don’t people stop me?? I only realised how drunk I must have been last night when I woke up this morning still pissed and completely off my face!! Please, next time just say to me: ‘I think you’ve had one too many…’

When I look back on last night I realise that I had a lot to drink, simply because I can’t actually recall all the drinks that I had (and because of the empty space looking back at me where my money used to be). I started of the evening with ¾ of a bottle of wine; then I had the equivalent of 5 shots of vodka in Five Monkeys and after that it starts to get hazy. I know I had vodka at Rainbows as well, I just can’t recall how much of it :s

My hangover is starting to kick in and I feel really nauseated. I think that I’m going to hide beneath my covers and curse at myself because I always make a fool out of myself as soon as I start to drink. I talk too much about me and I confess to stuff that I don’t want people to know. Funnily enough Niamh must know a lot about me now; she’s always around whenever I get ratted.

Anyway, my bed is calling me. Don’t think I’ll make it to lectures somehow

February 01, 2006

the sweet scent of victory

I have never felt such an adrenalin rush after winning a match as I did this week. When the final whistle went, I couldn’t stop smiling. Even though we only beat Nottingham 1 – 0 it was such a relief to actually win and keep a clean sheet, something we have found difficult these past years. It would be great if we can actually stay up…
At the moment we are in 4th position if we get an advantage over Nottingham because we beat them, which would mean that we’ll not get relegated this year. However were we to go on goal differences, Nottingham should be just ahead of us. Good news is that Nottingham is playing Loughborough as their last game, whereas we have UEA. So far Loughborough is unbeaten :)

To guarantee that we stay up we need to beat UEA on Wednesday, and I think that following our recent winning streak, we should be able to. Even a draw should be enough, but in the unlikely event that Nottingham actually wins over Loughborough it’d be nice to for once actually beat our arch-enemy from last year, even if it’s only to make the journey worth while.

So anyway, the match today has given me so much excess energy so I’ve actually done loads since I came home: I’ve cleaned my boots, tidied up my room, washed my bed covers, sent and written an e-mail, oh and I’ve actually done all my seminar work for this week. Who needs amphetamine?? Beating Nottingham has left me on such a high.

January 29, 2006


Can you guys believe it?? Today I did something that I have never done for Warwick before. I scored a goal in an actual football match. It’s such an adrenalin rush it’s unbelievable. Of course we then went on to win the match 3 – 1, which is also always really nice.
Then I actually spent something like six hours in Cholo, watching football and talking. It was really good fun. A day worth remembering.

January 20, 2006

football in skirts…anyone??

I was standing there by the bus stop, waiting for the bus in the freezing cold, when it suddenly came to me why football is considered a masculine sport. I feel a bit stupid now that I didn’t realise something that is so obvious before then. It is quite simple really…it is because we have decided to play football in shorts instead of prancing around in a skirt, like girls do in so many other sports that are considered ‘girly’, eg. netball, hockey, tennis and even lacrosse. I’m pretty certain that they play baseball in skirts as well. Indeed, guys find less amusement watching us play as we don’t have a skirt hoisted up around our waist every time we go in for a slide tackle; neither do our shorts get caught in our underwear so that the whole world can see frankly too much (à la Anna Kournikova).
Myself, I have never understood the practical aspects of doing sports in a skirt, which just leaves me with two questions…who's idea was it and, more importantly, why??

January 15, 2006

a small white lie isn't always that bad

Oh crap!! I have now been sitting here, by my desk, since five this afternoon in an attempt to do some work. Got a test tomorrow in mathematics of random events, but revision is just not going well at the moment. Why?? Well, I’ve had a few quite eventful days and I’ve been busy so I haven’t had any chance to reflect over them, until now. (Not that I want to think about it now, but my brain refuses to listen to common sense and just get on with work.) So I thought that maybe if I write something down, it’ll let me get on with what I have to do.
My first thought goes to that drunken, old man who tried to touch me up on the bus on Thursday, and why I didn’t just tell him to fuck off. Amazing how some sad and perverted nobody can leave one feeling completely powerless…
My second thought is of my ‘sort-of- boyfriend’ with whom I apparently have a very complicated relationship with, yet still choose to remain monogamous to. Yeah, we all know that no such person exists, but a small white lie is not such a bad thing (yeah I know, it got to be a rather complicated white lie because I'm not that good at not telling the truth) when you simply don’t want to tell the poor guy that you’re just not interested, especially not after he has bought you several drinks in Ikon, because you are “skint” and was forced to go there because your best friend liked his friend (honestly, I did say no to start of with but the guy basically forced me to accept drinks despite my obvious reluctance to do so). This, by the way, meant that I had to dance with a guy who looked like Frodo and two other guys, none who had what it took to even make me slightly interested. Harsh, but true.
Lastly, the football game today, which was a laugh right up till the point when Ana probably broke her ankle and had to be taken to hospital in an ambulance. Even though a few of us wanted to carry on playing, the match was called off and we made plans to play them again, which I really look forward to.
Ok, right, I am going to do some work now.

January 12, 2006

The colour purple

Shockingly enough I’m not at Score today. Well I’m not at Score for the second week in a row, and I doubt that I’ll be showing my face there at all this term. Why?? Well, I’m simply tired of being tired and unfortunately for me, and for the union, I have my only nine o’clock on a Thursday and I plan to make every single one.
So I had no match today and I didn’t go to Score. So what was there for me to do but to go to Birmingham for some shopping?? It was good; I had some sushi and I bought myself a new bag. Oh, and I decided to dye my hair as well. My friend and I were a bit bored and it seemed like such a good idea to dye it a nice bright plum colour. Yup, that does mean purple. It’s not too obvious, apart from it being purple, but it’s something different.