May 08, 2005

Sacroiliac Strain

I just talked with Matt's dad who is a GP and via phone (it was an amusing interview i must admit!) i was diagnosed with having a Sacroiliac Strain. Essentially a strain of the lower back which hurts like hell and doent let me sit down or move like i move!

Obviously not deadly and apparently common in girls, or so the GP said. Damn me! Being the weaker sex i once again inflict pain upon myself. And there is very little i can do.

Sacroiliac strain is described by a painful stretching of the ligaments about the sacroiliac joint; bending, lifting, and hyperextension of this joint are motions capable of producing a torsion strain resulting in the clinical presentation of an acute onset with tenderness over the joint, accentuated by palpation.

Strain of this joint may be favored by the soft tissue hormone softening effects of pregnancy, by lifestyle, or occupational performance of long periods of bending and lifting. Especially when these activities are performed in a manner not characteristic of proper spinal biomechanical conduct, strain is apt to occur.

The article then goes on to say i have to have long and complicated treatments. All im really worried about is being able to sit down for more than 5 minutes wiuthout needing to stand up bceause of the pain. How am i going to manage in the exam room? Sitting down for 3 hrs strainght??? Not a chance!

I must avoid: exercises that strain the strain (huh?), bending it in weird and complicated ways, any type of pain!

I must do: excercises to help my back, stretches that strengthen my lower back and the sacroiliac muscle, gentle exercises.


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  1. So not football then?


    08 May 2005, 23:21

  2. owner of this blog

    oh f*uck off

    11 Jun 2005, 15:39

  3. Liz

    Have you or do you know of anyone who has tried the belt for this problem. I have a sister who is in so much pain in her right buttock that she can take it no longer!!


    22 May 2007, 22:26

  4. Toni

    Sacroiliac strain is also called as SIJD and it is very poorly understood by doctors, who claim ligaments around SIJ are the strongest in one’s body and most often they tell you strain in SIJ is not even possible. Way to go medical science! It is very common problem among us and very common cause of problems in back. And like experienced vetenarians can tell you it is common problem with cows, horses and even dogs…

    And it is very poorly understood by manipulative therapeutists like chiropractors and osteopaths. You need to be lucky to find one who knows how to correct that malposition. It took 15 years and about 40 visits to different specialists for me until I found one. But now I, a former chonic pain patient, am pain free and I have been that for 2 years…

    01 Jun 2007, 20:47

  5. Chris

    I was diagnosed 06-21-06 with a strain and was beginning to think there was no one else. I am still off work. I cannot sit for very long or the pain takes over every thought. Driving is impossible for any length of time. I am a truckdriver so there goes my job. I can manage the pain with darvaset but can’t take it to work. Do you have leg cramps and numbness in the leg?

    11 Jun 2007, 19:26

  6. Pete

    About a year ago I developed left side sciatic pain radiating from lower back. Had MRI which showed a slight herniation of a disc but radiologist didn’t think it serious enough to give symptons. A year on and I am still suffering. MRI last week shows no change and I am beginning to think this is an SI problem. Do you or other commenters suffer sciatic like pain as well?

    13 Jun 2007, 12:57

  7. Toni

    SIJD means SIJ is not functioning properly. Reason for that is because it is locked on the edge of it’s normal movement area, or perhaps just beyond it because of some truma (fall, slip, jump,..). And that is why pelvis is not functioning symmetrically and it causes stress to spine and discs. After few years your discs are degenerated or there is herniations and so on… So SIJD is the cause for most troubles in spine like scoliosis, disc provlems and others that doctors call disieases but can’t explane why you have it but someone else doesn’t.

    Usually the locked SIJ is on the other side than pain. So if you have pain in right side of your back, it is likely your left SIJ is locked. Locked SIJ does not have pain. Pain comes to the other side because other side is working twice more keeping the body in balance.

    Pelvic subluxations (like SIJD) are very common disorders in people and cause most of their pains. But doctors don’t believe it is possible, so they just look for reason of pain from spine. Symptoms of SIJD are there.

    Some specialists have been working to develope excercises to treat them, like DonTigny. Some believe on manipualtion as pushing and opening that lock by their hands. That is how I was treated succesfully.

    07 Aug 2007, 16:22

  8. christine

    I first became aware of SI pain about 17 years ago when i went to the docs after waking up in the mornings feeling like I had been folded in half like a sandwich all nght. He just gave me some diclofenace SR tabs and after a few days things eased and I stopped taking them. Never had much major trouble with it until recent years and lower back pain has become the ‘norm’. In the last two years though, I have had about 5 episodes of moving the wrong way, how I don’t remember, and ouch it’s off again. I can’t bend down to pick anything up, get in and out of the car, sit or stand for long periods or walk for long. At the time of writing this I am experiencing the worst episode, if I make a wrong move, the pain round my right side and deep into my abdomen is like millions of electric shocks and the pain around my thigh is unbearable. I am having chiropractic treatment, using ice and taking Ibuprofen but not happy about it. I wish I had looked into SI pain years agao, perphaps I could have altered my lifestyle or something. Any advice??

    04 Nov 2007, 09:50

  9. Debbie

    I “strained” my back about 3 weeks ago. Just went to the md today. She said I had SI Strain. I asked how long it would take to heal and she said she couldn’t even guess. She said that it could cause me problems for years. Is that true? I notice that a couple of people that posted here talked about 15 and 17 years?? Is there no “quicker fix”?? I am a home health provider for my elderly mother in law and I need to ambulatory and pain free to do my job.

    09 Nov 2007, 22:03

  10. Susan

    SI pain is so annoying and painful!! I hear you all on this subject! I have been visiting chiropractor for 4 years for a back condition called Spondylolosthesis. She has been treating me for this and believed that was what was causing my pain. I went to another Chiropractor – and low and behold he feels it is my SI that is causing the problems. One session with him and I feel better already (Still got the pain – just feel that something may happen now!)
    The only advise I would give anyone is – use ice. 15 mins on 45 mins off. This really helps to reduce any inflammation etc. Heat just aggrivates it. I will be honest and say that my Ice Gel Pack has become my new best friend!

    26 Nov 2007, 09:18

  11. Nanookh

    I’ve been suffering SIJ pains for quite a while now, but recently I found a series of exersises that really help. The site listing the exercises is in Dutch (, but I found also one in English listing a few ( Doing the exercises 3 x daily (3 series of 10-15) has improved a lot and I really get up in the morning with no pain at all. Only sometimes a little stiffness. The series of exercises on the Dutch site begin with mobilizing the SIJ and then strengthening the muscles and were fully approved by my physiotherapist.
    About a belt: I used to go sleep with the belt, but after relief for a few days, the problem became worse. I now only use it when I have to do work that requires bending over or when I need to carry heavy stuff. A good belt is the Serola Sacroiliac belt (

    26 Nov 2007, 12:55

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