November 08, 2005

A little bit more about the sad me

Follow-up to A little bit about me from Still Not Afraid Of The Dark

> >1) Full Name: Gloria Radici
> >2) Birthdate: 16/06/85
> >3) Zodiac Sign: Gemini
> >4) What did you do today?: So far?, i went to somerfield and called my dad and a sitting at the pc sulking because food wont just make itself..
>5) What time is it?: 12:39
> >Last person who…
> >6) …called you was?: matt i think
> >7) …slept in your bed was?: umm…me, or maybe not
> >8) …saw you cry was?: last time someone saw me cry was probably last year, and again, matt
> >9) …made you cry was?: life in general
10) …spent the night at your house was?: maaaatt (this could get repetitive), you dont count my housemates, right?
> >11) …you shared a drink with was? shared a drink? i never share drinks, they just get taken away from me for some reason when im not looking
> >12) …you went to the movies with was?: amy last week, or before!
> >13) …you went to the mall with was?: oh sunday.
14) Yelled at you was?: er… niamh.. :(
15) Sent you an e-mail: boz
> >16) …said they were gonna kill you was?:
Eminem…..oh wait, but I guess on the CD he isn't specifically talking to me is he?

>Have you ever…
> >17) …taken a picture of yourself with a milk mustache and sent it to the milk people?: No, I have a life
> >18) …said "I love you!" and not mean it?: i have never said that.
> >19) …gotten into a fight with your dog/cat/bird/fish/etc?: Well I once tried to pull my cats tail. and now shes dead. Im sure there is a moral to that story
> >20) …been to New York?: noo
> >21) …been to Florida: no
> >22) …been to California?: Nope, I haven't, but I
hope to go and study there later on in life
> >23) …been to Hawaii?: No, but I'd like to
> >24) …been to Mexico?: bloody hell, its like ive never been anywhere
25) …been to China?: Why would I go there?
> >25) …danced naked?: probably
> >26) …stalked someone?: I wouldn't exactly call it stalking…lol
> >27) …had a mud bath?: Hey…that's a good idea!
>28) …wished you were the opposite sex: Yep!
definetely! Men have it so much easier! I wanna
scratch my balls, burp, fart and laze around all day!
>29) …had an imaginary friend?: Yes, when I was younger! And he was the bestest imaginary friend in the world, such a great listener!
> >
> >Some more questions!
> >30) What time is it now?: 12:46
> >31) Apples or bananas?: Bananas!!
> >32) Red or blue?: most definitely blue
> >33) Backstreet Boys or N Sync?: *chokes at the
mention of 'them'* WHAT DO YOU THINK I AM!!!!!!!!
> >34) Wal-Mart or Target?: er..
> >36) Spring or Fall?: Spring cuz its my b day in
> >39) Math or English?: english, way easier to make up stuff in
> >40) What time is it now?: 12:46 (why do u always
ask this???)
> >41) What are you going to do after you take this
> >survey? have lunch and watch neighbours and go to lectures and go to cats birthday and go home and sleep.
> >42) What was the last meal you ate?: er… breakfast
> >43) High school or college?: UNIVERSITY
> >45) How many of your buddies are online? I dunno, I
haven't logged on to messenger
> >46) Last movie you watched?: CHASING AMY
> >47) Last noise you heard?: someone in the kitchen>
> >Which one of your friends…
> >48) …laughs the weirdest?: er… niamh
> >49) …will grow up and be a model?: All of them,
you girls are all gorgeous!..unless you dont grow
> >50) …is going to have the most kids? Alex, he wants 23 from rachael stevens
> >51) …have you known the longest?: ana, and ettore >52) …knows you the best?: few people do now.a.days
> >53) …is the loudest?: anyone in the football team
> >54) …is the quietest?: Ana probably but she still
> >55) …do you have the most classes with? no one.

> >57) What was the last birthday party you went to?: Alex's and cats
> >58) When was the last time you went out of state?:
one week ago
> >59) What's your lucky number?:6, for some reason
it usually brings me good luck like on sports shirts and stuff like that
> >60) What time is it now?: 12:51. i am sad.

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  1. David Nettleton

    I will be 63 next Saturday while you will be only 22.

    08 Jun 2007, 21:25

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