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April 15, 2010

The London Metropolitan Archives

Writing about web page

A brief update - I have little internet access here, but I am currently in the London Metropolitan Archives, taking part in my first research of this project!

Currently awaiting 'Alchin's Documents' which should shed some light on the petitions given to the House of Commons, and the response of the government; it contains a number of Privy Council letters.

More updates to come!


April 13, 2010



I'm Charlie Small, a current second year HisPol undergraduate, and this blog is dedicated to my Undergraduate Research Scholarship Scheme (URSS) project, on the Gordon Petitions of 1780. It will feature regular updates on the research I am undertaking with Professor Mark Knightsas part of the project.

Background to the petitions:

In 1778 the government passed The Papists Act [18 George III c. 60], the first Catholic Relief act, reversing some of the provisions of the 1698 Popery Act and providing the catalyst for Lord George Gordon, in the position of President of the Protestant Association to campaign for repeal of the act. This led to the creation of two petitions, one in Newcastle/Durham and the other in London. These petitions were delivered to the House of Commons on 2 June 1780, and the response of the government led to widespread rioting in the eponymous Riots.

This project shall examine these two petitions. Through the use of newspapers, periodicals, contemporary reports and the petitions themselves, I aim to learn who the signatories were, their occupations and class.

This blog will record my findings, forming an online journal of my activities!

My first experience with research begins tomorrow, as I head to London to stay for a few days and begin examining documents.

Stay tuned for updates on what I discover!


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