December 05, 2008

Coldplay Live Concert!!!

My friend is a huge fan of coldplay, but the show tickets must be bought 2 at one time, so he beg me to come with him, though the price is 65Pound, but it did worth that money!!!

1the stadium is located in Birmingham, NIA. this is the view outside, sorry I forget to take a pic of NIA. by the way can you see me in the pic?

11my friend decided invite me to a dinner as a thanks for my companionship, but this buffet costed 19.95pound each! too too expensive!!! The only reason why we chose this restaurant is because we saw a pic of President Mao, and the waiter keep on saying " NI HAO" to me!


HO HO,lets see our coldplay!





142, I am not dead!

1my favorite, VIVA LA VIDA!!!



1Lovers in Japan







Live is 100 times better than CD,  I am totally conquered by you, COLD PLAY!

Trip to Cardiff(WALES)

Cardiff, I went to there directly when I back from Scotland, you know, you shouldn't go to anywhere especially for a trip when you just back from Edinburgh, so, sorry cardiff, you are not so that beautiful.But I still love you


Cardiff CardiffCardiff

Cardiffcardiff castle CardiffCardiff

CardiffI like the place whenever there is something related with Queen, just call me Queen mia, thanks!

CardiffI like

CardiffChristmas  dsc00534.jpgdsc00473.jpg

CardiffCardiffcardiff university, kitchen and dormitory room

CardiffCardiffCardiffcardiff uni Fun Factory, every monday!

Cardifflet's go out, take some fresh air under big sunshine, before I arrived in Cardiff, it had been raining for 2 weeks, but you know, you can just call me sunshie queen!






Trip to Edinburgh

ok, pic always speaks loud then words,especially when my English is still very poor, so pls watch my pices.

this is my trip to Edinburgh, in Scotland.

It was really really beautiful, although I brough my camera, but its totally different when you witness its beauty with your own eyes. But I was so silly that I remembered to bring the charge for the camera, but I forget to bring the charge convert because you know I am in UK, but the camera is made in Japan, oh, no shit!

But anyway I still made some nice pic, because Edinburgh is so nice, whatever you click, it will just like a postcard.

1after 7 hours coach travel ,I finnal get into this city!

edinburghfirst view of edinburgh, can you see the edinburgh castle there?

edinburgh dsc00292.jpgcastle at night dsc00333.jpg

dsc00335.jpglet's see what's inside

dsc00341.jpg dsc00343.jpg

dsc00338.jpgdsc00344.jpgoverview of Edinburgh from castle.

edinburghsorry the wind in scotland was so carzy, so I was not wearing something properly.pls just pay attention to the city and the sea.

edinburghactually its totally different when you view them with your own eyes.

dsc00347.jpgedinburghSt Giles' cathedrol.

edinburghhaha, tranditional scotland wedding. see their skirts!

edinburghMuseum of Scotland, nothing specially.

edinburghthis what I really like, Scott Mon't edinburgh.


dsc00397.jpgthis is where the queen live when she come to scotland


edinburghnational gallery

edinburghbyebye edinburgh, I love you.

November 10, 2008

mia's daily life @uk

hi, by far I am quite adapted to the life here. really like here. totally forget china, but I have to perform well because all the people know I come from Shanghai here, so I dont want lose Shanghainese face. KEEP WALKING.


dormitorythis is where I live, really like this place, also a little bit expensive 100pounds for one week. but the environment is nice , we can see foxes, squirrel, goose, a lot of natural animal around campus outside my window. cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

snow snowfirst snow in UK on OCT! outside my window.

toolsI bought many nice glasses and dishes for my life here, to make every thing look nice. and just enjoy every minute while I am here.

newspaper reading stuff

VODKAmy first drink in UK, blue Vodka, drink everynight is a normal things here.

cosmeticscosmetics here is really cheap. I boutht those AVENE here for just 400RMB, which cost 800 in china. I also bought a fragrances here, Paris Hilton, because they all call me party queen right now!

self cateredmy life style here.

dishalthough I went to chef school, but my cooking is  still poor, this is my first MA PO TOUFU.

dishthis is the first dishes he made for me *_*. very very wonderful!

davidthis is what I eat here.see DAVID BECKHAM!

davidDVB perfume.

trip to coventry

Although my school is locted in coventry ,but warwick university is kind of self community, so I still have to take a bus to get to coventry. I like this place, timid but tasteful.


viewactually this is the first pic I made myself into the photo after arrived in UK. worthful.


viewcan you see me?


coventrysee the naked girl behind me? she is a heroine of coventry, there is a story of why she is naked.

marketthis is traditional indoor market, very similar to cheap road in shanghai, really scared me.

busstationcoventry bus station.

coventry universitycoventry university, not so good as warwick,but also quite good!

But actually coventry is not like this, but I just didn't make any normal pic of coventry, maybe next time.just awaiting!

My trip to stratford upon avon

This is the place where Shakespeare who is uk's famouest writer was born.

I like this samll town, make me feel ease.


dsc00129.jpgsmall house along the road.

just a clock

the church where shakespeare was born and buriedthe church where shakespeare was born and buried



I tried to upload where he is burned but something went wrong with my computer, it sounds really horrify

dsc00137.jpghe is there, can you see his name, although I had never read any of his books, sorry ,MR shakespeare.

see the wall on the wall there is a frame, this represent a couple half half, when one of them died, half will be painted in black, the white belongs to the alive.


November 09, 2008


YORK IS reallly really  a nice place!

york minsterthe famous york minster really really impressive!

dsc00242.jpganother side of the minster, but sorry ,I didn't get inside, because we had limited time, and I am very very hungry, so time I must visit it again!


inside tower

overlookoverlook york from the tower


minsterstill york minster, but it looks really like where the price and pricess live.

hotellike the style of this hotel!

1880one hundred years older than me!but no water running out right now.

circumvallationthe famous wall to protect themselves in ancient time.


walking on the circumvallationwalking on the  circumvallation

gatewayone of the gate way, almost cause traffic accident when take the photo!

riverriver is nice too


walking aroundI like the sunshine!

castle museum make myself seems very small!

fisrt day of arriving

before leaving@ pudong international airport on SEP23.I gonna miss Shanghai!

dsc00104.jpgafter 12hours flight, before landing.

dsc00113.jpgthis might seems normal to you, but this is the first time I saw UK road, car running. I still remember the day when I arrived in UK, no words could explain that. tears around my eyepit.

dsc00114.jpgthis pic was taken on the way to WARWICK, by that time I had no idea of my future school and my life, I know UK is beatiful ,but I really missed Shanghai and home at that time 5hours after I arrived in UK- my dreamy contury, it seems no differece from my hometown Shanghai.

dsc00123.jpgmy first normal britain traditional breakfast, but I never had that kind of breakfast after, I am too lazy!

breakfastanohter wonderful breakfast.

tomatomy first buying tomato here, cost 1pounds=11RMB. but I am quite used to the price right now. but first time I do caculate the price all the time.

dsc00115.jpga welcome speech. in UK normally nobody give speech longer than 1 hour.and if the time is longer they will give us a short break. I like this style, no time waste.

October 19, 2008

welcome to my blogs

hello, this my first UK blog,welcome and just waiting I will keep on upload stories and photoes of my life@uk

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