December 05, 2008

Trip to Cardiff(WALES)

Cardiff, I went to there directly when I back from Scotland, you know, you shouldn't go to anywhere especially for a trip when you just back from Edinburgh, so, sorry cardiff, you are not so that beautiful.But I still love you


Cardiff CardiffCardiff

Cardiffcardiff castle CardiffCardiff

CardiffI like the place whenever there is something related with Queen, just call me Queen mia, thanks!

CardiffI like

CardiffChristmas  dsc00534.jpgdsc00473.jpg

CardiffCardiffcardiff university, kitchen and dormitory room

CardiffCardiffCardiffcardiff uni Fun Factory, every monday!

Cardifflet's go out, take some fresh air under big sunshine, before I arrived in Cardiff, it had been raining for 2 weeks, but you know, you can just call me sunshie queen!






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  1. Sue

    Most places have a beauty all of their own and people always look so pleased when you tell them that the place where they are from is beautiful. I’m usually only to happy to oblige but I came unstuck over this one on Wednesday evening. We were in a pub near the place I live and on the table next to us were two women who’d come on a coach trip for the day. They were extholing the virtues of the city and saying how beautiful it was and they didn’t even want to go back because they loved it so much (I think this may have been slightly exagerrated in their minds as they were drinking quite a lot of red wine). My friend asked them where they were from and they said “Nottingham”. I so much wanted to say something nice about it and racked my brains but nothing would come to mind. I only saw it once and I’m sure there are parts which are beautiful, there always are.

    At the moment we have a lodger staying with us and it just so happens that he’s in the room where our main computer and wireless connector are, for that reason I’m unable to use even my laptop at certain times. I particularly miss not looking at it first thing in the morning, it’s just a coincidence that I stopped doing that almost immediately after Nathan stopped posting photographs up at 7:00 am although I can’t deny that I miss that too, why would I want to? He’s only a temporary lodger though.

    05 Dec 2008, 10:18

  2. Sue

    My comment awaits your approval with baited breath.

    05 Dec 2008, 12:13

  3. Sue

    Perhaps people who are from Nottingham, or know it well could write in and tell us about some things of special beauty in the city (with your approval first, of course). It could be entitled:-
    REASONS TO LIKE NOTTINGHAM: PART ONE (this would leave it open for a second bout of ideas).

    05 Dec 2008, 17:31

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