February 18, 2008

Go Green Week has begun!

Go Green Week - Now!!!

http://warwick.facebook.com/event.php? eid=10129056363&ref=mf

10.00-19.00 Party in the Piazza!!

18.00 Eating Green: Vegetarianism and the Env.

21.00-1.00 - Green Top B

http://warwick.facebook.com/event.php? eid=8998416373&ref=mf

10.00 - Group Cycle to Uni from Parish Church (Leam) or Hearsall Common (Cov).

10.00- 16.00 - Green Technologies Showcase, (Piazza)

12.00-1.30 - 'How Green Is Warwick?' (AO.23 Social Studies)

19.00-21.00 - Panel Debate: 'Green or Greenwash?' (MS.01)

http://warwick.facebook.com/event.php? eid=12262366162&ref=mf

12.00- 14.00- Direct Action & Obstacle Course - Ditch Dirty Development, Slum Survivor and Unicef (Piazza)

13.00-15.00 - Environmental Careers Centre Drop-in (Careers Hub, Uni House)

16.00 - 'Kyoto Revisited' UN conference simulation with WIDS/U8 (S0.20)

18.30-20.30 - 'Is Development Sustainable?' with WIDS (Physics Lecture Theatre, Science Concourse)

http://warwick.facebook.com/event.php? eid=10216586953&ref=mf

10.00 Direct Action - for Lobby your VC National Day! (University House)

19.00- 21.00 - Environmental Question TIme - with Michael Meacher MP (Labour) and other party representatives. Bring your questions! (MS.01)

19.30- 'Who Killed The Electric Car?' Warwick Students Cinema, L3

21.00 - Global Calling WARWICKSNOW PARTAY! £4 entry (all proceeds to charity) dress: rainforest/arctic (BarCode, Augusta Place, Leam)

http://warwick.facebook.com/profile.ph p?id=61305388

11.00 - Sports For Signatures - Watch Sports teams play in green for signatures (Tocil Field)

12.00 - PHOTO OP - wear green, bring bikes for mini-critical mass (Tocil Field)

13.00- 15.00 Environmental Careers Panel (Lib 1)
13.00- 15.00 Conservation Clean-Up, Tocil Wood (meet in Piazza)

Sign our online petition for our Go Green Campaign!
We will discount any double ups, so if you've signed the paper one, dont! :)


Sustrans Connect2 National Lottery Bid WON £50 Million to build cycle routes across UK, including a Kenilworth-Campus route. Well done and thanks to all that voted! http://www.sustransconnect2.org.uk/

The Climate March Storming (gettit?) Success http://www.campaigncc.org/ and see photos for proof!


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