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March 12, 2005

The good news and the bad…

The bad news first: Uni is over for Easter. That means no glassball whatsoever for 5 weeks.

However, as I type this (from home) I am wearing one of the newly made Glassball t-shirts which is enough to bring a smile to anybody's face! After waiting three days for LazyLizard to get round to printing them, they got them done in 20 minutes.

Anyway, we (and by 'we' I mean Richard) also invented mini-glassball, which involves a small plank of wood on the floor and an apparently arbitrary hollow green plastic cylinder laid in the middle. Specially designed for use when the kitchen tables are being used for some crazy purpose like eating by the rest of the population of P3rd, this game is also useful for the more lethargic of players, since a slouch-like position appears to be the most effective. Gladiatorial mini-glassball needs a bit of work due to the lack of distance between players and ability to dodge…

Happy Easter All from The Big Three

March 07, 2005

Some new lingo

We here at the Glassball studios delight in bringing you more and more Glassbll-speak, so that when you play with your friends, you don't get shown up by talking about the net, the ceiling or the ash tray (bottles, decorations, glass respectively). Reasonably recent additions to the vocab list are 'fumble' – to mess up the serve (although you do actually have to hit the ball… if you miss it altogether, you don't even deserve a name) and 'turkey' – fumbling three shots in a row. Taken partially from bowling (where it's a good thing) and the world of cinema/vegetarianism (where it's a bad thing). In fact, we had our first turkey tonight, and it wasn't even deliberate – Chris, a visiting left-hander, is the proud first-turkeyer.

March 05, 2005

The first artificial Glass

Technically, they're all artificial, being made from glass, which is a combination of sand and heat (both of which can be bought by the bagful from any good toyshop). However, we now have a plastic Glass making the rounds.

A gift for David (he just turned ninety), a frequent competitor, this plastic Glass, marketed as a Romantic Ashtray, comprises a number of coloured LEDs which light up in a random, and ostensibly romantic, fashion. Looks pretty cool in the dark…

Intrigued? See link

March 04, 2005

Losers get a dressing gown

Don't make stupid bets!Our hearty congratulations go out to the noble contestants Colin and Rob, who have started a tradition of putting stakes on Glassball matches. Every week a suitable forfeit is mutually agreed on, designed specifically for the individual, and the loser has to carry it out. Colin managed to avoid going to Skool Days a week ago, while Rob had to attend the CU lunchbar on Thursday at 1pm.

This week, it was Colin dyeing his hair blonde or Rob going to another Lunchbar (this one with free donuts) – however, if Rob failed to score more than 6 points, he was also going to have to go to a Maths Lecture in his dressing gown.

Needless to say, the current Kitchen Champ remained stalwart despite furtive attempts to train up Rob by the remainder of the Big 3 whenever Colin wasn't around. Unfortunately, the hype got to Rob, and, being nervous, he lost reasonably badly. No-one changes the colour of Colin's hair anytime soon… But Rob ended up walking into his 3D Geometry & Motion lecture (with about 200 people present) dressed in a tasteful blue dressing-gown, and Colin's kindly lent wolf-feet slippers. Well done Rob!

Been there, done that…

Not something many people can say about Glassball, but in our case, we have very nearly got the t-shirt.

The design went into LazerLizard on Thursday, and since it takes approximately 5 minutes to print a t-shirt, it won't be ready till 4pm on Monday…. I suppose if they prefer chewing on old printer cartridges to printing glassball t-shirts you can't blame them, but come on! How can they expect the hordes of hopeful Hungarian-poem-toting hypocrites to hang about honing their skills in happiness when there's a Glassball t-shirt just waiting to materialise…

Come on, LazyLizard!


Inspired by our in-house fire-juggler Richard, I bring to you…Fire-Glassball! So called due to the increase in the number of birthday candles sellotaped to the bottles (specifically from 0 to about 2 dozen). Very impressive looking it is too, in the dark. We play until all the candles have burnt down, so when you're in the lead, it is tactical to aim to snuff them out. Absolutely no non-ping-pong ball related interference, though. We're not a glass-blowing society…

Tournament time again

Big tournament last night, ladies and gentlemen. The Big Three (Colin, Richard and Anthony), David, Tom, Christine, Sarah, Big Andy, Little Andy and Little Andy's Friend (known to most people as John, apparently). We played the first round to 7, with the winners and the best loser going through. Quarter finals to 11, with the same system for choosing four people for the semi's, then the final: Anthony vs Colin. The standard was high, as usual, and as the two titans focussed all their energies on putting a small white plastic sphere the other side of a line of bottles using nothing but ashtrays, the atmosphere was tense. However, cutting the crap, despite an impressive come-back from 19–15 to 20–19, Anthony's return clipped the rim of Bottle 5 and was lost over the base line. Too bad – if we'd gone into setting he could well have pulled through. A loud CONGRATULATIONS to Colin, however, who is the current wearer of the Golden Sash (which may look, at first glance, like an orange and brown Korean Fifa 2002 towel)

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