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April 25, 2005

Tournaments a–go–go

Since the last update, we have had two official Glassball tournaments, and the Golden Sash has changed hands no fewer than twice. All these statistics, and many more, can be found at Google! Probably. Anyhow, the first tournament featured all your favourite blog-makers as well as Tom, an apostate from two floors down. The semi-finals were Richard vs Tom, and Colin vs Anthony, and there was shock and/or awe as Tom showed Richard that it takes more than a Glassball T-shirt to get you to the final – the Kitchen Champion was another casualty, losing to Anthony, but winning the third-place playoff. The final went much as expected, a routine victory for Anthony, and the Golden Sash held aloft in P41. We're always told not to give out our addresses online, but I'm sure Anthony won't mind just this once… he keeps his collection of gold ingots under the sink, in case anyone wants to know. Back to Glassball… the latest tournament had a similar line-up, with The Big Three joined by the only other owner of a Glassball T-Shirt, David. In the semi-finals, Colin beat Richard in a nail-biting game, and Anthony beat David, who then went to bed, automically (although unknowinlgy) forfeiting the third-place playoff. The final itself was as exciting as Colin vs Anthony finals usually are, the lead going back and forth until the eventual 21–18 victory by Colin. Forgetting impartiality for a while, a-woo-hoo. In other Glassball news, the desperate attempts by Colin to create new lingo have stretched to 'Christmas Turkey' – def: a turkey resulting in the opponent winning the match. For the uninitiated, a turkey is three fumbles in a row (by the same player, in the same service). For the uninitiated, a fumble is the equivalent of a fault in tennis (except, we don't get second serves in Glassball). It looks unlikely that a Christmas Turkey will ever happen, but you never know.

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