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November 29, 2004

Hamlet (26th November 2004)

I really liked it!
I thought that a bunch of students would have done something terrible to my favourite English play, but, damn, it was good!
The actor who played Hamlet was good (Bravo, Ben!) – even if in the scene with the ghost of the father he was simply too much; I mean, at the end of that I was tired! That scene was a little bit too much – the whole of it (too much violence – he is his father! Isn't he?).
The Queen was really well played (and I have to admit that I cried in the scene when she gives flowers to poor dead Ophelia…!).
I cried even in the scene of the "yet to me what is it this quintessence of death?" – that was really (REALLY!) well done! Bravi!
I would like to ask something to someone (the director?):
Why was Horatio a woman? in this way you've cancelled all the homoerotic appeal of the play – but I have to admit that you've replaced it with the "lesbian" kiss between Guilderstern and Rosencratz.
And what about King Claudio? He seemed an Italian mafia godfather…
And why in the Cooler(now I know why they called it "COOLer")?
And who have chosen the music? It was perfect!
Are you guys going to play it again? If so, I book a seat!

November 21, 2004

I get tired

I don't know if I am the only one, but here in England I usually get tired of new stuff after a week.
I discovered that Brussels sprouts are really good if you let them cook in the microwave for two minutes (or something like that), and after a week, I simply cannot stand to see a single microwaved Brussel sprout.
Then I discovered the most delicious dish ever cooked: the Spinach Cannelloni by Bird's Eye (they sell them in Coastcutter for 99p). After a week, I simply vomit if I see a single Spinach Cannellone.
Now it's the same for the blog. I've been living for it for the past week, now I get so tired of it that I think I am, just now, wasting my preciuos time.
So, I think I'll get rid of it, or use it only for the pictures – that's its original purpose.
Thank you and goodbye!

November 17, 2004

Thank you Sarah

Yesterday I was talking with Sarah, one of my delicious neighbours, and we started – casually – a little discussion about… well… about society, let's say that (actually the discussion started after watching Rambo. First Blood. For a good review, see link).
She said that society is a construction – and I completely agree(d).
Then she went on saying that, because of it, it doesn't exist.
I startled. It doesn't? Well, I can say that the Humanities building is a construction – and yet it exists: have you ever tried to hit it with a fist? It hurts.
Now I want to reflect a little on that discussion.
We know that "male" and "female" are constructions (if you are an essentialist, sorry, you won't like this), and that the same male/female distinction is a construction. But this doesn't mean that they don't exist (if you have problem with this, ask to some feminist activist – they're trying to destroy this distinction).
To be a "construction" simply means that things can be changed (but this means that they exist), that they are "not natural" of "fixed for ever and after".
The real point is: Are we willingly to change them? And: How can we actually change 'em? What can we possibly do?

November 15, 2004

Post Scriptum

And, by the way,


Would you help me, please?

Now I feel just like Estragon, waiting for someone to tell me what to do. That's so… sad? depressing? But I can guarantee you that in my life – I mean, in my flesh-y life – I am NOT like that.

Yesterday's party

Yesterday was Ekaterina's birthday (if you don't believe me, you can go and check her blog. She has 82 pictures of the party. Do you need further comments?), and the party was MASSIVE as usual – maybe too many pictures….
However, I just want to put the funniest pictures, or the pictures I really like – if you want to see all of them you know where to go (link).

Here's the cutting of the cake. I don't know (exactly) why, but she wanted me to have this wife-ish picture. And you know what?
I was scared!

After the cake, when (almost) everyone was a little bit "high", we decided to take "artistic" pictures.
Look at this, doesn't look like a Medieval painting? I am the Fireholder!

At the end of the dinner (but not of the party!), we found out that we had many slices of cake and profiteroles left. This was a great excuse to wander through Lakeside 3 and meet the wonderful neighborhood! You know: "We are having a party, and we want to share our joy with you; would you like a slice of cake?"
Hey neighbours, you're great!

This picture is a little scary, isn't it? Imagine what they had thought when they saw us like this (with flaming eyes!) entering their kitchen.

Probably was an effect of the wine (a strong and good wine from… Germany??? Incredible! And it was really good!), but after a while I started to note things that I would have never seen were I sane; new prospective, strange corners, endless geometrical figures… and someone (Andy) who has something written under the socks.
I am sure some wise old guy has already invented an aphorism about that, like:

The meaning of your life is written under your feet:
You stand on it, but you cannot see it.

Well, this is crap, but I'm tired and hungry – that's the meaning of my life.

Dulcis in fundo, here's the picture of two big guys (believe me, they're really big!) and a nice little girl (believe me, she's really nice!). Maybe I've got the allucinations, but they remind me of the ancient myth of the Hercules' Pillars: they were called Calpe and Abyla – ours are Helmar (please Helmar don't kill me if your name is not spelled like that!) and Kai. In the middle, the sweet Mediterranean Sea – Nhan.
Oh, god, I'm so terribly romantic!

November 14, 2004

A bad day

Happy birthday, Kathrine! (link)
But, to tell you the truth, apart from her birthday – an exceptional event that, accordng to her, happens rarely in one's life – today has been a bad day.
I went to bed at 5am, because I wanted to study three articles (two of them were crap). While trying to get asleep, I thought in panic: What if tomorrow morning – and, actually, in a couple of hours – there's the drill (I mean the fake fire alarm)? And then: Impossible, tomorrow is (but it was already) Sunday…
The last famous words! At 10:30am all of Lakeside has had to wake up in a hurry and get out of the warmth of their beds.
Now, after the drill, what can anybody do? It's Sunday morning, you've been in the cold air of the morning – in your p-j, you have two hours before lunch… let's take a hot shower!
Probably all of Lakeside has had the same idea, because 5 minutes after I entered the shower – when I was completely covered with soap – the hot water simply… went off.
I waited for the hot water to come back for 20 minutes, while the bathroom was (slowly, very slowly) becoming colder and colder and while the soap on my body was getting dry and sticky. Finally, I couldn't stand it anymore – I was completely frozen – and I washed away the soap with a water the temperature of which was near the 0'C.
You cannot imagine how bad this day has been, but try to think that now, just now, sitting in the IT Centre, I can still feel the soap on my legs. What a bad, bad day!

November 13, 2004

My flatmates' and friends' blogs

If their blogs are not so beautiful as mine, shame on 'em, and not on me!

Katherine's Corner: link

Downsy's Space: link

Corinna's Blog: link

A topic that fits…

Well, it's the second day of life of my blog – and I still have no topic.
I've read other blogs, and some of them are stupid (just like mine now…), others are really interesting (just like I would like mine to be…).
Is there a topic that fits my purpose – filling the element of wantness and the element of sameness?
I'll think about it all night long, while I'm smoking my fake cigarette. Yeah, I'm trying to quit, but it's not easy job!

Review: War Games

Everytime I see this movie I think: Oh God, this is never gonna finish!
And that's true, it's really a slow movie, but I like it.
The mixing of reality and un-reality is fascinating (like in "The Matrix" or "The Trouman Show").
However, the years of the Cold War are so far away that probably we cannot really appreciate this movie.
It's very funny to have a look at the high-tech of the 80s… but remember: One day someone will laugh at our high-tech!

Review: La mala educacion

At first I am really impressed. I mean, my favourite Almodovar's movie is still "Todo sobre mi madre", but "La mala educacion" is really good!
Then I start thinking about it, and what I think is that the movie is good, but not interesting. It's like the game of the Chinese boxes; every box is beautiful, wonderful, and the idea that a box contains another smaller box is charming, but when you reach the end, the last box, you realize that is only a box within a box within a box within a box within a box. And a box within a box within a box within a box within a box is only a box within a box within a box within a box within a box, nothing interesting.
I don't like it.

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