November 15, 2004

Yesterday's party

Yesterday was Ekaterina's birthday (if you don't believe me, you can go and check her blog. She has 82 pictures of the party. Do you need further comments?), and the party was MASSIVE as usual – maybe too many pictures….
However, I just want to put the funniest pictures, or the pictures I really like – if you want to see all of them you know where to go (link).

Here's the cutting of the cake. I don't know (exactly) why, but she wanted me to have this wife-ish picture. And you know what?
I was scared!

After the cake, when (almost) everyone was a little bit "high", we decided to take "artistic" pictures.
Look at this, doesn't look like a Medieval painting? I am the Fireholder!

At the end of the dinner (but not of the party!), we found out that we had many slices of cake and profiteroles left. This was a great excuse to wander through Lakeside 3 and meet the wonderful neighborhood! You know: "We are having a party, and we want to share our joy with you; would you like a slice of cake?"
Hey neighbours, you're great!

This picture is a little scary, isn't it? Imagine what they had thought when they saw us like this (with flaming eyes!) entering their kitchen.

Probably was an effect of the wine (a strong and good wine from… Germany??? Incredible! And it was really good!), but after a while I started to note things that I would have never seen were I sane; new prospective, strange corners, endless geometrical figures… and someone (Andy) who has something written under the socks.
I am sure some wise old guy has already invented an aphorism about that, like:

The meaning of your life is written under your feet:
You stand on it, but you cannot see it.

Well, this is crap, but I'm tired and hungry – that's the meaning of my life.

Dulcis in fundo, here's the picture of two big guys (believe me, they're really big!) and a nice little girl (believe me, she's really nice!). Maybe I've got the allucinations, but they remind me of the ancient myth of the Hercules' Pillars: they were called Calpe and Abyla – ours are Helmar (please Helmar don't kill me if your name is not spelled like that!) and Kai. In the middle, the sweet Mediterranean Sea – Nhan.
Oh, god, I'm so terribly romantic!

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