November 14, 2004

A bad day

Happy birthday, Kathrine! (link)
But, to tell you the truth, apart from her birthday – an exceptional event that, accordng to her, happens rarely in one's life – today has been a bad day.
I went to bed at 5am, because I wanted to study three articles (two of them were crap). While trying to get asleep, I thought in panic: What if tomorrow morning – and, actually, in a couple of hours – there's the drill (I mean the fake fire alarm)? And then: Impossible, tomorrow is (but it was already) Sunday…
The last famous words! At 10:30am all of Lakeside has had to wake up in a hurry and get out of the warmth of their beds.
Now, after the drill, what can anybody do? It's Sunday morning, you've been in the cold air of the morning – in your p-j, you have two hours before lunch… let's take a hot shower!
Probably all of Lakeside has had the same idea, because 5 minutes after I entered the shower – when I was completely covered with soap – the hot water simply… went off.
I waited for the hot water to come back for 20 minutes, while the bathroom was (slowly, very slowly) becoming colder and colder and while the soap on my body was getting dry and sticky. Finally, I couldn't stand it anymore – I was completely frozen – and I washed away the soap with a water the temperature of which was near the 0'C.
You cannot imagine how bad this day has been, but try to think that now, just now, sitting in the IT Centre, I can still feel the soap on my legs. What a bad, bad day!

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  1. By the way, I have not yet find out a topic for my blog. I don't want it to be my diary, so please help me find a good topic!

    14 Nov 2004, 18:11

  2. Oh poor Giulio. I can imagine you standing in that cold shower, like a hungry stray pussy cat in cold winter rain.
    Ankit is back. He looks like a businessman with his new hairdo. I like it.
    On a different note, get your ass back home! It's nearly 7 and we haven't started any dinner preparations!

    14 Nov 2004, 18:47

  3. Stop pressuring me!
    We are NOT married, we are NOT engaged, and this blog is MINE (MINE!).
    Do you think that your "intrusions" in my blog (if they are all the same: "Go back home and stop kidding outside") are good for my public image?
    Well, they are NOT good! So, stop it!
    I'll be back at 7:30pm (as I have already told you at least twice!), and don't panic for your birthday's cooking, I'll think about it.

    14 Nov 2004, 19:06

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