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December 19, 2004

Back home!

Ok, we're arrived… finally tomorrow I'll be leaving to London, and then, on Tuesday, I'll take the flight to Rome, and I'll be back home.

I have to write something summing up the first three months (half) of my time in The University of Warwick.
My research: As you may know, I am doing my dissertation on Sodomy in the Renaissance (and its Representation in Elizabethan and Jacobean Drama). I have found a lot of articles and books here in the library – and I haven't yet searched among the old texts… However, I have a lot of material, but the real problem is that I haven't read (all of) it. So: next term: I have to read. Ok, this is a plan.
My German: Well, I have no idea whether my German is improved or not. I hope so, 'cause I have to pass my last German exam in Italy (!). Well… I have to tell the truth: I don't think I'm improved. Oh, no!
My friends: Definitely, I got new friends here. Two or three of them will be, probabily, friends for all the rest of my life (poor them!), the others, I don't know. However, I thought I would have been full of friends, but that's not true. Maybe I am less friendly than I think… or maybe English people are really tough! (The second is the right answer. They're so cold – kind, but cold – in no way friendly.)
Me: Well, I'm changed. I'm probabily a worse human being than before (sharper, colder – I'd like to say: "Like a blade", but than I think: "Oh, c'mon! So rhetoric! So crap! Who do you want to impress?").
My health: In the end, not bad at all. I've got two colds, a sore throat (one-week long, but I am used to it), and a starting sore-throat (I killed it!), and, now, this new fucking illness just two days before leaving (fuck off!), a pain in the right ear and jaw-bone (and maybe a little bit of fever yesterday in the library). So now I am half deaf (more than half, since that was my good ear…!). Not bad, not bad.
My English: Can I be really critical? Well, maybe you're a little bit faster in your speaking (and hearing – I can understand people talking in the TV!), but you make a lot of mistakes, more than before. What does that mean? No idea. And I know something. If English people were a little bit more friendly, I could talk more in English, and so I could improve faster and faster. But usually they don't talk to me – and I have nothing to tell 'em. Shame on me!
My cooking skills: I guess they're improved, but I'm not sure. Things here are different from Italy, the taste is really different, so I've no idea.

What's left? Is something missing? I don't think…Let's see… Well, no romance, please, I am here only for six months… I don't speak other languages… The launderette does the washing for me… the Cleaning Ladies clean up my mess… Think I'm done. Oh, no! I am a great, great housewife!
My housewife skills: I can really do the shopping, and actually save money buying stuff in different places, studying the advertisement of the sales, and, with my Tesco card (that, actually, is anonimous - so it's not mine, but will be Kathryn's) I'm getting a lot of points! (more than 400 in less than three months!)
And I can iron very well! Is there someone that wants to marry me??

Yeah, this is a big step! The future is shining to me!

[This is the future that's shining to me through the present's un-shining-ness-es (have I told you that I'm a great generator of new words??)]

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