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April 28, 2011

Junk food triumphs on Facebook

I've been doing some research on Facebook to understand how to use this platform to do business, to raise brand awareness and engage with online audiences. Yesterday I came across some statistics on the most loved Italian brands on Facebook, i.e. company pages with the highest no. of 'Like'.

Surprise surprise.... at the top of the chart is Nutella, followed by Kinder Chocolate (in the UK people might be familiar with the little kinder egg with the surprise inside). I was puzzled with these results. Chocolate tastes good but it's definitely not part of the Mediterranean diet Italy should be famous for! However, it's also true that there isn't any dominant brand with a very unique identity for mozzarella, tomatoes, olive oil or pasta.

Prompted by curiosity, I checked also the UK data. The top four brands on Facebook are Skittles, Cadbury Cream Egg, Cadbury Wispa and Maltesers. I wonder why chocolate is so popular.....why not crisps?

anyway it's the triumph of junk food!

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