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November 12, 2018

Day 1: What is Six Sigma?

Day 1 is officially over. So what is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma is a technique.It is so powerful that can turn a rock into a diamond. And what is amazing about it, is that it doesn't use magic spells for this transformation! It is just a systematic approach that is based on statistical models and aims to achieve perfection.

Even though it was introduced by Motorola in 1980, its core principles stem from Shewart's Control Charts (enable us to react to variation which might lead things out of control -1920) and Deming's System of Profound Knowledge (Variation ↔ Psychology ↔ Systems Thinking ↔ Theory of Knowledge are four dimensions that are interconnected and cannot be separated-1950).

Some key points from Sus' presentation that intrigued me:

  • Innovation is a success key.We have to extend the services we offer otherwise someone else will steal our market.
  • If the manager detaches himself from the customer, he puts himself and the company's future at risk. The company will set targets that are unrealistic and don't meet the customer demand.
  • When we are not sure what the problem is, it is better not to react until we are confident what's wrong. We should observe and wait to find out what the root cause is and the make a change.
  • Training everyone in the company and cultivating a certain culture and mindset are essential factors for the efficiency and the profitability. Managers shouldn't keep the strategy and the targets quite. Also, they should motivate employees and make them have a vision.
  • We won't get the long term outcomes we expect unless we ensure that a daily process improvement is being made.

Finally, as Graeme said "not all change is improvement. But all improvement requires change." So Six Sigma will help us achieve continuous improvement and perfection but that means that


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