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June 21, 2006

Bowing Out

Gina Morgan BSc (hons)* will shortly be loosing this page as she enters the real world and contemplates the possibilities therein. For those who so wish she can be found on Facebook, and emails of adoration or concerning bacteria sent to

*and yet to tire of telling anybody who'll listen (or, come to think of it, those who won't)

June 20, 2006

Top B – End of an Era (punjabi man and monkeys, sadly no Babycakes)

The last ever Top B – amazing but SO EMOTIONAL! Though you know it's coming – the end of university that is – it's still a shock to be partying away then realise that this time next week it's job–hunting and tax–paying all the way. And just where the fuck were all the taxis at 1am??

Some amazin' tunes in the Top 40 – Sum 41, never thought I'd see the day you could have a decent mosh at Top B! DJ James having a bop to Basement Jaxx was another total highlight …. what a mover! A few tips from Punjabi man and it'll be Strictly Dance Fever for you my son.

Sadly we failed in our mission to get Babycakes played. It's a sucky song we know, but after they refused to play it a few months back it just became a sort of mission. Tarbit, Carter if you're reading – I wouldn't put it past Charlotte to stalk you to the ends of the earth brandishing a copy.

June 12, 2006

Brief Thought On Silverstone

So Michael 'bends the rules' and acts 'unsportingly' and everyone is up in arms. Then post–safety car Alonso backs up the field in the most outrageous manner and – lo! – nobody bats an eyelid! Martin clearly thought it was a bit out of order but that's about all I heard of it. The insufferable James Allen was actually praising such a move as being masterful!


June 10, 2006


Maclaren gave dad and his boss Gold roaming passes to Silverstone this weekend, so happily I was able to go along to the testing today. I look like a radiation victim from the sunburn but it was definitely worth it. 19th Jense – surely not from a racing driver of your obvious talent? I notice it was the fault of a random weigh–in that meant he ran out of time for a second flying lap. All the same, everyone else has an equal chance of being weighed. Perhaps don't be so sure of your position as to leave it too late, JB! Good to see Kimi up there, even if he basically said the car was abit cruddy afterwards. Hopefully the car can stay in one piece tomorrow. Fingers need to be crossed for JPM tho – that engine sounding a bit rough through Copse.

Still haven't got used to supporting Maclaren after all those years as a Cosworth gal. It's nice to be supporting something thats at the right end of the grid – at least at the start of the race. Poor old Cosworth. Keith must be turning in his grave.

June 08, 2006

Jenson Button

Am I the only person whose read some of the recent Button comments? That would explain why there aren't more people clutching their sides. You've got to laugh at a man whose started more than 100 GPs and not won a thing and still believes he's better than MS, Alonso and Kimi. wtf?? Apparently Jense thinks the only thing holding him back are the inferior cars he's given to drive. Apparently nobody could win in these. Listen Jense, perhaps if you were anything more than astonishingly and outrageously average then you'd have a better drive. This man should be publicly humiliated for such misplaced confidence and pretentious drivel.

So deluded it's got to be medical.

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