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June 20, 2005

US Grand Prix. the disgrace of

Do they have the death penatly in Indiana? Bernie, Max, Charlie and co should be hung drawn and quartered!

I don't think there is a sport on earth that has such flagrant disregard for its fans as F1 of recent years. F1 has been through some dark times, alienating its dedicated followers and entirely losing it's more fickle ones. But this will surely be the nail in the coffin for many.

Lets not forget, a race weekend ticket isn't cheap. Everyman on the street here can only afford to go once a year, and taking a family necessitates cash not unadjacent to a moon launch. Yesterdays "race" was a disgrace, and the first time I have been truly ashamed to associate myself with the sport.

For me, the only saving grace of the weekend was Martin Brundle's heckling of Ecclestone. He was quite right for once, someone should have stopped the pointless bickering of "not our problem, this this and THIS should have happened" and thought, "hang on, there's 500,000 people here who've paid good money, and countless more watching from home. Let's put the bloody chicane in and let them see a race, and sort out the political fallout afterwards".

The powers that be must be made to answer for this.

June 01, 2005

Bob Geldof

Bob Geldof is getting on my nerves. Every week there seems to be another celebrity, who 'earns' more in a week than our yearly household income, telling me to part with sums of money on top of taxes to feed and house people on the other side of the world. Bob argues that its a pathetic amount that I wouldn't even miss. Why not leave that up to me to decide Bob?

Leaving aside my skepticism of how effective such drives are in the long run – LiveAid the first time round raised some staggering amount and twenty years later, is the country really any better off? NO, or Bob and co wouldn't be asking us for more money – I object to being guilt-tripped into parting with money that – and lets not forget this here – I went to work to earn. Yes Bob, its a disgrace that African kids are starving, but then again its also a disgrace that I have to wait 6 months to see a consultant, or that I have to be a 14-year-old mother of two drug-addict illegal immigrant to get a council house. Your concern for Africa is touching, why aren't you lobbying the British Government for a tax hike on the inflated incomes of pop stars and footballers instead of nagging people like me to give up my money or have the blood of all small African children on my hands?

It's a sign of the times that charities feel they must harrass you in the form of unsolicited mail and emotionally-blackmailing television adverts, or asking your bank details in the street to avoid the tax demanded on collecting tins, or get celebrities to do the hard sell for you. Really, they aren't doing themselves any favours, and Geldof's holier-than-thou-you-should-be-donating-you-selfish-and-worthless-individual atitude is very, VERY grating!

Frankly his time would be better spent encouraging the catholic church to alter its stance on contraception, a viewpoint of such uselessness to the people of modern Africa that it is only rivalled by the muslim faith 'vaccines a conspiracy theory to make muslim girls sterile' idiocy.

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