July 15, 2005

Weird People You Fancy

As a proud reader – nay, conisseur – of Heat! I gained particular enjoyment this week in their article about, you guessed it, the strange people that we fancy. Heat – and Big Brother – are so low that they actually bend space-time back on itself and are at the top of the entertainment heap, so I'm allowed to be into them.

It seemed to be a girly thing since all the nominations were male, and I must admit there were some surprises in there. Boris Johnson? No no no no NO! And Bob Geldof – I think we all know my views on him, imagine it, you'd be sitting down to a nice dinner and before you'd taken your first forkful he'd have whisked it away and posted it off to Africa. Apart from that, there were the standard "Diarmund Gavin"s, "Jack Black"s (I knew I wasn't alone!) and that little chap from Top Gear.

I was thinking about the weirdest person I've ever fancied – sorry, weirdest celebrity, because frankly my taste has always been a bit off the wall regarding people I actually know, usually someone totally unsuitable like a friend's dad or the school geek or the overtly gay dude who I don't realise is gay, that sort of thing – and think it is probably Aled Jones. More than shocked when I was tuning into Songs of Praise every week for this one, but anyone who witnessed him on Strictly Come Dancing could not fail to be grasped by his excellent sense of humour, michevious sense of fun, and the overall sense that he is actually quite fanciable. I was also (rightly) mocked for my Paul Scholes thing. At the moment I'm quite into that actor Caruso, who plays Horatio in CSI Miami – well seasoned and oh-so-good at looking mournfully into middle distance.

I don't think ANYONE tops my housemate, Charlotte. What kind of person fancies Jeremy Paxman? Is it touching the realms of insanity to have a picture of a naked – yes, thats naked – Alan Rickman draped around a Greek statue as your desktop wallpaper? I THINK SO!

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  1. i always get it ripped out of me for my list of strange celebrity crushes- cain dingle from emmerdale and david baddiel to name a few!

    My housemates and I made house t-shirts for girly nights out with the names of our celebrity mingers we like on the front. I'm mrs gordon ramsay, then my housies are mrs mike skinner (the streets), mrs matt macnamara (guy from scrubs), mrs mr big (SATC)....and this takes the biscuit….my other house mate is mrs hey arnold!

    who fancies hey arnold for crying out loud?!

    03 Aug 2005, 11:06

  2. And people laughed when I liked Prince Eric from the disney little mermaid …

    03 Aug 2005, 17:20

  3. Me

    I really fancy Harry Hill… Is it just me???

    23 Nov 2007, 01:53

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