April 13, 2006

To Mr Cruise

Is there anywhere someone more annoying than that little twit Tom Cruise? I see he has continued his crusade against the use of antidepressants in the name of his daft religion* Does the man have any idea what clinical depression does to people? Of course not, or he wouldnít be supporting such preachy and ignorant arsegabble. Iíve seen. Iíve watched. Nobody makes the decision to take lots of psychoactive medication lightly. I wonder, would Mr Cruise also condemn the treatment of Parkinsons, Alzeihmers, chronic liver disease or in fact any other disease with drugs that can help someone in pain and ease the minds of their families? I suspect not.

Some people recover from depression on their own. Some people donít. These people die, Mr Cruise, all at once or slowly, a little bit more every day. OK fine, you want to drown to death in your own smug-gittiness thatís no concern of mine. How about leaving decisions of medical treatment to people with a real qualification?

Oh and as for naming your son 'Hubbard' – wtf? As good a reason as any to break off the engagement.

~ which is an affront to all proper, respectable religions.

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  1. Gareth Herbert

    Tom Cruise's asserts that he felt people taking things because it made them feel better was questionable but then he is quite willing to blindly accept that depression essentially results from the actions of a tyrannical intergalactical warlord named Xenu who inadvertently doomed our bodies to be inhabited by trapped souls or "Thetans" that are the basis of all our bad feelings.

    Tom Cruise is a terrific actor but his views on religion and poltiics are best ignored.

    14 Apr 2006, 00:49

  2. alisa

    In fact, Tom Cruise and his alien kind DO condemn use of drugs to treat Alzheimer's etc, up to a point. They have it in their heads that all diseases – from cancer to asthma – are the result of negative energy and are essentially the victim's own fault for being a bad person. The whole thing is so vile, and yet whenever anyone publicly criticises scientology, Tom Cruise's personal mafia tend to send in the Lawyers. Which is why I'm going to shut up now.

    24 Apr 2006, 16:59

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