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October 08, 2004


5 out of 5 stars
Basically – this film is AMAZING! Everyone should watch it!
Enough said.
Love u Sophxxxxxx ;)

SST1 – Historiography 1

A. Perseus Atlas

This aim of this site is obviously to give us the general idea of where Greece is in relation to the rest of the World and how it looked back in the day! Although I found this site very temperamental, I was able to find one particularly useful map of Ancient Greece. However, the subsequent link did not work and the picture was unable to be enlarged to a more manageable size, thus greatly limiting the usefulness of this site! Therefore, this site was greatly restricted by the fact that it didn't work!!!

B. Greek Architecture

This site is really useful! It has a vast number of links to access and is overflowing with information on Greek Architecture. For example, there is one link, that once accessed creates a doorway to widespread amounts of info on various Greek monuments such as the Ancient Theatre of Argos. This site is easy to navigate and the presence of images adds a real visual interest to the site.

C. Ancient Greece and Rome

This site is full of images on Ancient Greece and Rome e.g the Colosseum. However, there are no annotations provided and I see this as a huge limitation. It is therefore neccessary to use other resources alongside this when researching into Ancient Greece and Rome.

D. Ancient Theatre

This was site that looked the most exciting to me at first glance. Its aim is to provides us with a 'virtual tour' of historic theatres around the world. It is possible to specify Greek theatres, alongside French, Turkish, Spanish and Italian theatres. However, I was unable to navigate the site (maybe it was just me?) and found it of no help whatsoever. The only thing of interest I found was that it provides us with an execllent map of Greece.

All in all, I found the site on Greek Architecture the most useful. It contains huge amounts of info and provides a good balance of pictures and text.

In addition to the above sites mentioned, I found another very good site on Greek Architecture. This site contains a vast amount of info and presents it through a mixture of text and pictures, giving the researcher a considerable amount of insight into the great architecture of the time e.g the Parthenon.


Hehe! ;)

My name is Gethin

Hello! This is so amazing – what a creation! All bow down to Robert O'toole! Mmmmm… Yes! ;)

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