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April 21, 2005

Alienation eh?

Blank faces at my Political Theory seminar on Marx's alienation.

Of course the problem is the average undergraduate has never really had a real, proper truely alienating job. It's out of their experience.

Still 30/40 years of working for managers like David Brent with teach em!
Gareth is an achytypal working class tory.

I wonder whether working in a university is any better? I once met a retired laboratory technician from a well known uni. He said he hated every single day of the years he worked there.

A particular occasion was burnt into his memory. The day when he was trying to explain to a couple of top academics that the departmental budget couldn't give them what they wanted. All one could say to the other was "How do you let him (the lab. tech.) dare talk to you like that

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