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May 30, 2005

Chelsea Tanks

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Just sent this off to the Coventry Observer in response to a letter claiming that the use of 4×4 cars was safe and responsible, That followed a protest against them, in which I took part, at Bablake School Coventry on 12 May.

Despite being a supporter of the protest against big 4×4s used on the school run, I accept that not all 4×4 cars are bad. The Fiat Panda, for example, seems a reasonable sort of car. But large 4×4s are far too big for urban use. Many are only bought as fashion statements by people who never drive off road and don't want to know about the environment or other road users' safety. A tall flat fronted 4×4 striking a child not only hits them on the leg but also on the body and probably on the head as well. Perhaps not so much a Chelsea tractor as a Chelsea tank.
Compare cars from the same manufacturer. The Ford Focus out-performs the Ford Land Rover in every environmental category from fuel consumption, through air pollution to noise. For more details see link

Still it's tough being a parent in these days of pester power. One month your kids want you to drive one sort of car "cos it's sooo cool", the next month the fashion's changed!

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