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October 22, 2014

"Oppressed majority" and misunderstanding(?) feminism

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Hey Guys,

here's a link to a short fim made by a French director Eleonore Pourriat. It went viral on the internet couple of months ago and was lively discussed in the European media.


It portrays an imagined "feminist" society, as it's stated at the end of the film, where women take over the roles of men. In one of the interviews, Eleonore Pourriat, the director, said that through inversion of the male and female roles she wanted to sensitize spectators to gender injustice/sexism.This is, no doubt, a very noble enterprise, but I'm wondering if we're aren't seeing something else in this short video?!

At the end of the film the main male character says, he cant stand this "feminist society" anymore. So this is what a feminist society is supposed to look like? A world where men are opressed by women?

This is just to say that even highly and well motivated directors - intending sth good - operate the same repertoire of predominantly 'masculine' visions of a feminist society.

This is just to say that feminism is not about inverting gender roles.

Feminism is not about inverting patriarchy.

It's about ending it.


Tania (MAIPR)

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