March 11, 2005

Definite end of project

Hi there!
I handed in the project. I bought the plastic clip and gave in person to our German tutor. She looked through it and was delighted about the visual side! I hope we will have a good result!!
Thanx once again for cooperation and good teamwork! Have a good Easter break and see you after in term 3!!


March 10, 2005


Hey guys,
I have done the spellcheck, just need to go through the conclusion and prepare table of contents. We should be able to print the whole stuff tommorow in order to hand it in on Friday. Na-Hyun will you buy the plastic sth to put our project inside?

March 07, 2005


Everything is fine guys! I have revised the text and need just to do the spellcheck! I have done the correction on layout!
I will send you the final version soon.

March 03, 2005

Saturday end…

Just to remind you that we are meeting at 2 pm in the grid this Saturday to finish our German project. I know that this is really exciting;) and I hope you will enjoy our meeting! See ya

February 28, 2005

Meeting tommorow – Tuesday

HI fellows!
Let's meet tommorow at 1pm in the Cafe Library. We will discuss ending of the project. See ya tommorow.

February 25, 2005

After meeting

HI all!
It has been decided today that till end of this week me and Na-Hyun have to finish the 2 lacking commentaries. We ought to then schedule a meeting on Tuesday. The time span is between 1pm and 6pm. Write what is most suitable for you. We will then have to agree on points on which we will construct the intro and ending of the project. We shall write till Tuesday also another commentary each of ous. So altogether to have 15 of them. Definetly we have to meet next week Saturday to compile the whole work, add graphics etc. So be prepared to spend at least half of next Saturday in the grid or wherever!! That is all for today. Good work guys!!

February 20, 2005

Friday meeting

Hi guys!
Thanx for turning up today! The next meeting is scheduled for next Friday (25th of February) after our German class! So dont miss out it!;) I am glad that we are fulfilling our schedule. So let's all make it for the Friday as well!

February 18, 2005


Follow-up to Meeting on Sunday from German project

We are meeting on Sunday at 3 pm in the grid, see ya then

Meeting on Sunday

Just tell me what is the best time to meet on Sunday. I propose 3pm. Reply to it. Thanx and good job so far folks! The beginnings are always the hardest, but I think we are doing good so far! Cheers,

February 15, 2005

Sources of help

If you need good English-German and German-English dictionary, simply go to the site link

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  • Yeh 1pm is finefor 2morrow…cya then by stephane on this entry
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