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January 30, 2008

Spam–based poem

A poem featuring words generated randomly from spam - one spam word per line - and some phrases from the free writing we did in class. Feel free to play Spot The Spam if you wish. 

With Caucasian commitment I stand

At the Budapest fish bridge, dress in hand;

Toes gruff on gravel, settling beyond land.

Recall the buffed demigod of my youth,

Think of glinting, shallow dress rehearsals:

Green blades degumming sweet-cut sun-baked teeth,

Convulsive sheets promoting dispersal,

Watching cradle sisters loop, scratch and spell

An ashen story, combated with gall.

Soon minted escape was centennial.

Pyroclastic tufts arranged in sheaves

Refurbishment wrung me like a wreath.

Mixed bus-passes boost my diabetic advance,

In the boot memory’s carcass curdles,

Mossy beams traverse the way; as we planned

I’ll upturn the couch in Ireland.

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