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July 12, 2006


Picture the scene.

Geoff dons his shades with manly skill, revs the engine as he screeches away from the traffic lights, girls twist around to check out who this badboy is… so what comes blaring out of the car stereo? The Chain by Fleetwood Mac? No. Born To Be Wild? No. Some kind of awesome hard rock? No.

Spring From The Four Seasons?


July 10, 2006

Summery Weekend Summary

Number Of Hours Spent Travelling: 9
Number Of Awesome home–cooked meals eaten: 2
Number Of Pancakes Successfully flipped: 1
Number Of Towering Flames produced by inadequately flipped pancakes: Lots
Number Of Unwise blog entires written: 2
Number Of friendships irreperably damaged by said entires: Several, at least
Number Of Times killed on the london underground on July 7th: 0
Number Of Small Jazz groups destroyed by low par piano performances: 1
Number Of Times Laid: 0
Kilos of meat devoured: Untold
Number of free minutes wasted leaving blank messages on Zoe's answerphone: 10
Inches Of Sam's flesh seen when he ran from the shower: Too many… twice
Number of emotion–enducing journeys retracing steps of days gone by taken: 2
Number Of Inches between me and the hard hard floor: <1
Number Of Free Drinks: 2
Number Of Meals Eaten Using a Chair as a table: 2
Number Of Greatly Missed friends seen: 1
Number Of Greatly Missed friends texted repeatedly: 3
Number Of Times Won/Lost at Pool: 2/1

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