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January 31, 2006

It's been a while…

Well just less than a week really, but a long time as far as blogging goes for me. Let's see what happened

Thursday: Got a call from JD begging me to audition for the revue, most probably due to my amazing vocal talents. Spent the rest of the day hanging around the MC for some unknown reason. Big band was most unpleasant because of arguments between us and the MD… tsk

Friday: Spent a large amount of the day in the MC office doing not much then went and performed nefarious tasks with Lu, had an amazing roast dinner with said Lu and Sam and my housemate then won at singstar repeatedly

Saturday: Finished off the 12,500 word essay (got to 11,175 words but never mind) then had chinese.

Sunday: Did poster project then rehearsed for the revue from 2–10 then went to the bar til 11

Monday: Sat around the MC Office alot watching Lu & Rebecca build the McValentines Box, went to lectures, had lunch with Sam. Wind Orchestra – have formed one Man band with Lu which i feel will make us rich, rich as Nazis. Bar

Today: Spent a large amount of the day holding my god-damn annoying trousers up, damn them to hell. Printed off my stupidly large poster and bought a snazzy roll thing to put it in. Wooo


Work Done: Little
Bar Food Eaten: Far Far Too Much
Number Of Gay Love Scenes With Rob Left To Be In: Far Far Too Many

As you can see a busy week that made for a gripping blog entry…

January 24, 2006

A Petition…

Comment here if you think Davison should play keys in chorus line.

P.S. I'm aware i mention Joe more than anyone else in my blogs, but if i mentioned girls then they'd think i was stalking them or something.. bad news all round.

P.S.S. Commiserations to the Fiddler On The Roof submission, if Aimee is reading this I feel especially bad for her as it would have suited her blatent Jewish heritage (please get this joke… please…)

January 22, 2006

Beer then wine, feeling fine…

Most assuredly not I can guarentee it, perhaps these rhymes need a little more defintion:

Beer then Wine
Feeling Fine
If you pass
After one glass
Drink A Bottle
And That Is It,
You'll feel like shit


Have decided never to show my face in public as I manage to make a fool of myself every time, even when not drunk. When drunk things only go from bad to worse so if anyone wants me I'll be in my room…

January 20, 2006

What a relief…

Slight pressure off by the face i've done alot of my 6cat poster project (i hope!) which i've been worrying about all week, now just MRSA presentation, 12,500 word essay, exec elections, learning to conduct and exams and housing to worry about and all is sorted!

This week has gone bloody quick, possibly cos of the hungover daze i was in for all of tuesday and the constant playing games for the other days but it has ended semi well (though i did lose pathetically at bowling and pool :S) with the completion of some work and a weekend featuring 2 curries :D

Oh and I must remember to get my injections for when i got to Laos sorted otherwise i'll die of diptheria and other fun things like that… joy!

Also we need to do some kind of charity fundraiser to get Andy Inglis to admit that he's actually a disco-fiend as I could see he was just itching to moonwalk in those shoes yesterday.

Get well soon Ben & Naomi!

January 17, 2006

So Tired…

Maaaan I'm so tired after top B last night, it was the stupid staying up and chatting on MSN that did me over (tho i did make myself a bacon sandwhich which was quite delectable) also god knows what was up with that random blog entry.

Anyway i was just going to pop a note on here saying how excited I am that everyone is using that stupid Trivia thing that i introduced… makes me kind of famous.

January 15, 2006

God I'm Bored

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Geoffrey Burnhill!

  1. The military salute is a motion that evolved from medieval times, when knights in armour raised their visors to reveal Geoffrey Burnhill!

  2. Geoffrey Burnhill became extinct in England in 1486.

  3. If you kiss Geoffrey Burnhill for one minute you will burn six or seven calories.

  4. Geoffrey Burnhill is worth his weight in gold - literally.

  5. Geoffrey Burnhill cannot jump.

  6. The first domain name ever registered was Geoffrey

  7. Some birds use Geoffrey Burnhill to orientate themselves during migration.

  8. Geoffrey Burnhill cannot be detected by infrared cameras.

  9. Devoid of his cells and proteins, Geoffrey Burnhill has the same chemical makeup as sea water!

  10. Geoffrey Burnhill is the only bird that can swim but not fly!

I am interested in – do tell me about

A Tip For Success…

When enthusiastically miming the drum beat to a song you're listening to do NOT use a deoderant can as a drum stick and your funny bone as a drum… it sucks!

January 14, 2006

One World Week Gig

For all of you who missed the gig (so, all of you then) it was awesome in a terrible sort of way, of course everything we were in was brilliant, but some of the other acts were abit ethnic for my tastes however the main thing is that everyone enjoyed it.

Because Joe said I would i would like to mention Aimee for remembering who I am and more importantly suggesting a boiler configuration suitable for my mums house!

Thumps up to her…

Now i'm off to some scary Jazz thing that scares me!

January 13, 2006

What Funny Weather…



January 12, 2006


Stupid amounts of money spent on music centre ball – £40
Stupid amounts of money spent on drinking – £30
Stupid amounts of money spent on food – £20

Getting to play a steinway grand in front of 300 people – Priceless

Though i'm totally knackered now and i'm sure my playing sucked royally!

Also let me note there that the library are not crap i'm just annoyed at them because they neither had on paper or online the 1960 BMJ that i needed on methicillin.

But i apologise.

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