April 28, 2006

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Woooo, 10 minutes free to write a blog! Awesome! So what have I been up to? Labs, labs, lots of labs and more labs. Actually labs have been going pretty well, minimal explosions, decent looking NMR spectra and generally fun and joyousness. Doubt the same can be said for the "Spinning Disk Electrode" experiment next week but oh well :)

Chorus line is going well, have played "one" one to many times (hahahaha) but other than that it's good. I've even kept in time with Owen for one or two bars (though possibly because i was so out of time i got in sync with him by accident).

My birthday was great! Thanks so much to everyone who texted and face–booked (and said hello on the day) and especially thanks to Nikki, who is too lovely for words and organised everything and got me a present and a card and got another card for everyone to sign and gave me lots of hugs too (and yes Lu, thank you for all your hugs too :)). Had brilliant presents from Joe, Sam, Lu, Nikki & My Housemates as well as money and stuff from other people, so can now Watch house while conducting (with two batons simultaneously) in new boxershorts whilst making an erotic sentance using fridge magnets and playing on a computer game… this i couldn't do before!

Had a lovely curry at the Bombay Palace (when i say lovely, the people there were lovely and it was good fun but the service was PROPERLY SHIT!) with a very well chosen cake (thank Alice & Jamie).

Birthday sort of proved that most of my friends (except Katie and Lorna and Jen) from home are all shit! Not a message or e–mail from any of em, bastards!!!!!

Chorus Line Tomorrow :( I complain about it far too much, i actually really enjoy the band rehearsals (when not being shouted at by Owen, fully deservedly) and most of the choral stuff, just i hate One and the bows and a I REALLY HATE PLAYING A KEYBOARD!!!!!!!!!! breathe but it's ok, Joe has it much worse than me and he keeps on smiling :)

Just a note to say SAMS DRUM KIT IS TRULY AWESOME, OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!

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