June 01, 2006

Oh yea… i have a blog, now I remember!

Well it's been a while, Chorus Line was still on when i last wrote on here! I'd like to say i've been too busy revising to waste my time blogging but it just simply isn't true. In point of fact i've done almost no revision and am 100% guarenteed to fail, fail miserably. It's all ok though because by the end of this term i'll have done 4 musicals, i'm also in the submission team for 2 (and a half) for next year and doing 1 over the summer that means this year i'll have done 7 musicals, up on the 2 that i've done at any other point in my life.. get in!

I must say im getting worried about the end of term, what am I going to do when sam leaves, no seriously (i'd have to stand up against the desk like this and the teacher would say), i've got 13 weeks of summer and then a scary scary next year with scary hyper–talented percussionist housemates and lots of people i know gone to look forward to. Panic!!!!

But i do have a new phone and it's very shiny and decides what words i'm wanting to put next in text messages and all sorts of other things. It's also just like Joe's so if i hadn't recently decided i'd rather be myself than be Joe it would make me more like him too…

I'm rather rambling here cos i'm a bit stressed at the moment, memorial park & other wind orchestra things have rather screwed me over, revision, money, and just about everything is getting to me but oh well.

Anyway off to revise!

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  1. on the plus side, you may have the opportunity to murder someone next saturday…

    01 Jun 2006, 13:36

  2. Geoff, it's good to have you back!!
    And whilst you might not have some certain people next year, you are still stuck with the rest of us….and, go figure, we're into musicals too, so at least we'll always have a topic of conversation!!

    01 Jun 2006, 13:50

  3. Yeh, at least you're competent enough to be able to book a minibus….

    01 Jun 2006, 16:23

  4. I never was. Heck, I never even tried.

    Number of musicals I've been in in my life: 2. One was Chorus Line. One was when I was 10. Hmph.

    And when you say "fail", you still mean get a 2:1 – just like to point that out!

    Next year will be fine, we'll entertain you so much with our hilarious anecdotes/failure to book respective minibuses/myriad curries/trips to the City Arms/attempts to go and play pool that invariably end in cars being written off that you'll soon be saying, "Sam who?"* So don't worry, we're not all leaving!


    *No offence, Sam. Not that you're not very memorable, you understand…

    01 Jun 2006, 22:04

  5. Keep digging…

    02 Jun 2006, 09:06

  6. nikki

    Yea Geoff Geoff!! are we not good enough for you?! Lu and I promise to keep you highly entertained. Between pool–playing and wind–orchestra–anecdotes (which if i turned up i too would probably understand look of extreme guilt) and city–arms fun with lu and House watching and musical–music–making with me and all the submission team stuff (no one ever asked me to be on a submission team– count yourself lucky!) and wind orchestra concert managing you'll be doing, you're really not going to have much time to miss sam!
    we promise! x x x (though i cant promise that, however bored you are, lu and I will let you compare our breasts…sorry about that)

    02 Jun 2006, 17:24

  7. See you just added that bit about breasts in yourself Nikki. Secretly you love breasts the same amount as I do… which isn't really fair as you carry them around all day!!! Hope you're revision is going better.

    Tom – Dont worry, at least there will be chairs on whatever transport you arrange!

    Lu – That's if i don't leave wind orchestra forever

    Aimee – Hey sweetie :)

    02 Jun 2006, 23:40

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