February 12, 2006

MC Ball Photos

Stupid blogbuilder wont let me post the MC Ball photos so i thought i'd include just a couple of my favourites…

Davison In Another World As The Orgy Surrounds Him

Davison Exists In A World Of Peace And Happiness While An Orgy Occurs Around Him

Lu Can

Lu Just Can't Resist That Wine

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  1. Good. Ta for that!

    looks ashamed

    Did you enjoy the Ball, anyway? xx

    12 Feb 2006, 15:48

  2. Oh, and cheers Geoff – on the front page, under "photos people are taking…" Hmph!

    12 Feb 2006, 17:14

  3. dunno who she is, but the girl on the right in the top photo has really nice hair.

    12 Feb 2006, 18:06

  4. Re: The hair comment Chris….it's Nikki Wanless, and yes, I agree, it is nice hair!


    12 Feb 2006, 23:10

  5. No, Aimee, it's Lisa Noakes!

    12 Feb 2006, 23:25

  6. Er No, Matt, it IS Nikki Wanless… Aimee is (and always is) correct, you should have learned this by now.

    (I was actually there and know it was her, i'm not just sucking up to Aimee in the hope she'll use her mysterious powers on me again)

    12 Feb 2006, 23:45

  7. You know Geoff you are right… the gorgeous Ms Hall does have mysterious powers… I'm sure she's cast me under a spell at some point…

    And whether it's Nikki or Lisa (neither of whom I know!!) the hair is lovely, and I'm sure looks very stunning from the front, the colour and styling is fab.

    13 Feb 2006, 00:58

  8. But I was on a table with Lisa. She plays clarinet in WO. She was on tour, too! It is Lisa!

    13 Feb 2006, 08:55

  9. matt, i think you're looking at the wrong photo – it's the top one they're talking about!

    13 Feb 2006, 10:38

  10. Well, Lisa has lovely hair too…but the original hair comment was about Nikki.
    On a different note, I'm intrigued about what powers I'm supposed to posess…..


    13 Feb 2006, 10:49

  11. Well you do have the ability to remove all feelings of sadness and anger from someone with almost no effort…

    13 Feb 2006, 12:00

  12. The lad speaks the truth…

    13 Feb 2006, 13:11

  13. Removal of all feelings of sadness and anger??....I think you might be confusing me with alcohol and chocolate!!


    13 Feb 2006, 16:32

  14. ooooh chocolate now that's a GOOD plan :D Guylian Sea shells mmmmm yummy

    You know alcohol is technically a depressant right?


    13 Feb 2006, 17:30

  15. Technically, yes…but I'm sure you'll agree that there are a certain number of people who get quite excited and cheery on alcohol! One look around Top B tonight and I'm sure you would have seen a lot of them!


    14 Feb 2006, 02:03

  16. Ahh yes but the effects of Aimee dont turn to sickness and a headache the next day…

    14 Feb 2006, 19:13

  17. Ooh Geoff, you're such a charmer!!


    15 Feb 2006, 17:54

  18. I think thats a bad thing…

    16 Feb 2006, 00:16

  19. As someone who also has that allegation made at me, I'd say it can be bad it can be good. Most of the time people like Aimes mean it in an affectionate way so I'd take it as the compliment it is.

    16 Feb 2006, 14:29

  20. Not at all a bad thing Geoff, just think of me saying it with a wink and it'll all make sense!


    16 Feb 2006, 14:51

  21. hey i know this was like aaaaaages ago, but i just found it and just to confirm it is me!! and thanks for the compliment! :) tho my hair is never normally like that, its normally boring and straight and actually the colour is more like joes naturally…. may go dye it again now you’ve said that thought!
    and given present circumstances it all becomes clear now why joe must be looking so happy!!

    x x x x

    18 Oct 2006, 23:31

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