March 15, 2006

Day 1 Continuted…

6000 miles later and here I am in the Bankok airport departures lounge, just spent 250 Bahd (who knows how much that is) on this internet connection so yous all had better appreciate it!

The flight was, well, long, had a free seat next to me which was nice and Thai airlines are very good about free drinks and lots of meals and stuff (yey). Got slightly infuriated by the infuriating infuriator who insisted on standing RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE PROJECTION SCREEN AGHHHH, but it's ok, I shot him. Got a bit of sleep (at 5pm UK time… hardcore) then attempted to read, gave up, played GTA, gave up. Sat there thinking… but YEY i'm here now, only another SEVERAL HOURS of flights left and i'll be in laos… woooo…

Still haven;t been arrested cos of my copious lemsip stash, but i'm sure the time is near, nor have i been questioned about my motives for having brasso in my hand luggage, i blame it all on dad. Anyway not much else to say and I have to check facebook before my time runs out… comment on this entry damn you all… comment!!!

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  1. heyy geoff hope ur havin an ok time….its gotta b better than here! surely! i love that photo of joe….i knew he was evil inside really. or at the very least has a schizophrenic alter-ego thats dying to get out!!
    luv u lots xx

    15 Mar 2006, 00:42

  2. Im confused – where are you and why?

    15 Mar 2006, 09:47

  3. Geoff has gone on holiday to Laos, and was in bankok airport departure lounge when writing this blog entry.

    Have fun, Geoff!

    15 Mar 2006, 11:01

  4. Have a good holiday Mr Burnhill – don't get arrested for anything too serious ;)

    15 Mar 2006, 12:16

  5. Fresher in Thailand! Hope you're having a ball..

    Do they have CaKes in Bangkok airport?

    250 Baht? Just over £3.50 if I'm not mistaken, but I'm just that geeky.. wonder what you spent it on..

    15 Mar 2006, 13:26

  6. Hehe… Geoff and I were chatting on msn while he was in Bangkok airport, and using the magic of google earth were able to figure out that we were exactly 5987.81 miles apart! How cool is that??

    15 Mar 2006, 23:04

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