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April 30, 2006

Fun Days

I would like to take the time to list all the amazing people i know here, but i know too many so I can't but i'd like to mention 3 who i've had a splendiforous time with lately.

Lu – We all know that Lu is brilliant, but she also was part of a consortium that got me a very awesome birthday present, and she shuffled her plans all round to come to my meal and she's lovely and i've had many a fun game of pool and bite to eat with her lately and I've absolutely thoroughly enjoyed every minute :)

Nikki – Not only did Nikki put in a huge amount of effort organising my birthday and sorting lovely things out for it but she's also quite brilliant at hugs and put up with me alllll day today (possibly at the cost of her degree, and certainly at the cost of her peppers & mince) yey to nikki :)

Sam – Well he was going to end up on here anyway cos he's Sam but HE's put up with me pretty much every day, got me not one but TWO cool batons for my birthday, been extremely supportive, given great advice and always been around when i need a chat and a cup of tea. Possibly the best friend anyone could ever ask for. Period.

As i say, there are many more awesome people I know (Joe, for example, who also got me half a cool present and came to my birthday and is, well, Joe) but if i start praising everyone who's special to me i'll wear the keys off this keyboard.

Hugs to everyone

P.S. Get well soon Owen, if you're reading this!

EDIT: Just realised i meant to write this blog entry to say I went to town with Sam on Friday and forgot to mention it and we went to see ice age 2 (hmmm) and bought stuff, but i just forgot. So there you are!

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