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June 12, 2007

How long is a piece of string?

A saying regularly given as an answer to suggest it would be very difficult to give a reply of any useful value.

This got me thinking..
There must be a limit to just how long a piece of string can get.

“How long can a piece of string get?”

What is the maximum length a piece of string can be without it falling apart when picked up?

Any budding Textile Physicists who want to give it a try?

May 03, 2007

Encouraged or Convicted?

Thanks for the Prompt Bobbie ;o)

2 questions

1) What is your greatest encouragement to date?

2) What is your greatest conviction?

I’ll share mine later…

March 30, 2007

Chocolate Jesus

Reading the News today I came across an article about a new piece of Art

It depicts Jesus on the Cross, nothing new, but it is made out of chocolate. The article reports that there has been uproar from Catholics in New York, where the Art is exhibited. The article is not clear as to exactly why this has caused so many complaints, it does say that the sculpture has no loin cloth and that the Exhibit was opened during Holy Week.

So where is the contraversy?
Because he made a Chocolate Jesus?
Because he is naked?
Because it co-insides with Holy Week?

March 29, 2007

A Gracious blessing or a clear provision for taking the high path?

This one’s been brewing for sometime now..

As a congregation we have been working through 1 Samuel. The journey follows Samuel. In this journey the people ask for a King even though it is clear that the word is to follow God and not a king. God decides to appoint a King following the wishes of the People and Saul is installed as King, given Gods blessing and in time proves to be ‘not up to the job’.This is a very brief summary of the journey and in no way intended to be a full concise account. It is merely leading onto my point.

My point is that God is gracious enough to bless us and give us a fair run even when we ask for something that is clearly not the best (Highest/narrowest) path to take.

This leads me to question,

When we pray for God to provide and he does;

How do we know whether we are taking the best path or being graciously blessed by God?

Your thoughts….

March 13, 2007

Big Issue pleeeaaaasssse

Many of you who are familiar with Warwick University Campus may have heard this “Big Issue pleeeaaaasssse?”

I do voluntary work in a Drop-in in the Coventry City Centre. Quite a number of our visitors are Big Issue sellers.

I have to say that there is a clear difference in appearance between these sellers and our Costcutter entrance Big Issue sellers. They are the best dressed, most clean and tidy, warm and well fed looking Big Issue sellers I have ever come across.

I dont wish to judge them but their need for having such a plum pitch to sell the Big Issue doesn’t appear to be as great a need as others I know.

What do you think?

March 12, 2007

What makes a 'Good woman'?

Open discussion for all,

Following on from from the “What makes ‘A Good man’?”

What makes a ‘Good woman’?

Opinions please

February 27, 2007

Do you want a fight?

A respected and learned friend of mine, who should know better than to tell me about these things told me about a fun site called


I am now certain that I will loose hours of my life to this virtual bear pit

My only consolation is ‘I beat Margaret Thatcher’ in afight, and ony just lost to Winston Churchill

Brunel doesn’t stand a chance against me,

My closest fight so far is against Noddy

Dissapointly though Im a poor second to Adolf Hitler

......toe-to-toe I fancied my chances :-(

February 21, 2007

Rest in the Lord

A word was given to me very recently which was both encouraging and comforting.

In it is said to “rest in the Lord”

To date to only way I have found I can do that is to ’ just be’ in the presence of the Lord, which I do fairly regularly.

What works for you?

February 20, 2007

What makes a 'Good man'?

Open discussion for all,

What makes ‘A Good man’?

Opinions please

January 22, 2007

Bringing the Word

Recently I have began to bring the Word on a new level

?? What does that mean

The Word is the truth spoken by God either through people as a ‘Word of Knowledge’ or by Wisdom Pictures both a form of Phrophecy.
People can often think that the only Phrophets are the Phrophets of the Old testament who held great power and were reveered by all who heard their Word, almost mysterious and in a time long ago, thinking it couldn’t possibly happen in our modern age.

Phrophecy is a gift that God has given to his people who believe and listen to him through his Spirit.

So why am I moving on a different level?
In the 20 months I have been a Christian I have had the Gift of bringing Words of Knowledge and Wisdom Pictures, both prophecy.
Until recently those words were a word for me
(which the Spirit would prompt me to share with others as it maybe carry some relevance or inspiration for them too)
Or the word would be for someone specific and give the word to them.

In recent days I have been given words for a household rather than an individual,
The is word relevant to the household as a whole and in some cases requires a response from them, not to me but to God.

This is new terratory for me and something that I embrace, I just hope I go about it the right way, I’m sure I will be guided wisely by my elders. I am fortunate to have some gifted men covering me.

January 18, 2007

Just when I feel like I'm the least deserving…

..God answers my prayer.

My dearest and most heart felt prayer, the most important prayer of all I have made to date. God delivers.

Knowing I’m not worthy of such a gift, I’m all the more grateful.

December 21, 2006

'Once more into the Breach dear friends, once more..'

At this time of year many if not nearly all of us feel like we are fighting a battle.

For the majority this is seen as being caused by the business of the world in the lead up to Christmas/ the onset of winter the temptation/ to hibernate until the start of the fairer seasons/ the end of a year and the beginning of another/ the lack of daylight hours and the winter soltice.

For others, including myself, it is seen as a time when we experience a spiritual onslaught. A testing of our souls. Last night a group of us took the spiritual battle on together. I’ll explain, I am part of an Army, an army that does not believe in physical violence. However we are an Army that takes no Spiritual prisoners and we make no apology for it either. If your not a Christian and/or not spiritually aware then this may not make much sense to you. Consider that there is another dimension to life a ‘spiritual’ one. An ongoing battle between good and bad.

We, the Jesus Army marched through the Coventry City centre last night. Not amazing brave, our lives were’nt at risk for daring to say we have a belief or faith we are willing to live or die by. Many people in their worldy view probably just saw a rabble like bunch of oddly dressed people marching, chanting and singing. For though this will have spoken to them, opened their eyes, aroused their curiosity and even got them thinking about why we do this. Sure there was some fun-making, laughter & confusion (out of ignorance?) directed at us, this will always be the case whenever someone makes a stand and shows themselves to be willing to live differently.

It was Spiritually strengthening and I couldn’t help but think it was something Satan wouldn’t have enjoyed.

So much so I want to go out and do it again and again. So maybe I should change the title of this entry to ’ Many times more into the Breach dear friends, many times more..”

We’re the Jesus Army, Come and join us

November 02, 2006

A pain in the neck.. not quite

Not much thought going on,

I have a pain in my head today. It stated late Tuesday night, I woke yesterday and it was even worse, slept most of the day yesterday (until 3pm on and off). Woke today and it was worse than it was last night.

It’s not a run-of-the-mill-headache.
It’s not a tension headache, or a stress headache,
It’s not because of a cold, or nasal congestion.
It’s not the pain I sometimes get which compliments back or nerve pain either.

The top-middle of my head hurts, behind my eyes hurt.
My eye sockets feel numb, like I have been punched on the cheekbone (on both sides) but without the surface bruising to show for it.
Im teatotal, so it not alcohol and I’ve been drinking lots of water, so not de-hydration.

It’s taking nearly all of my concentration to continue working whilst this is going on (like trying to listen to a quiet conversation while a siren is blaring away next to me ear, only it not a noise that disrupting me). I’m trying not to snap at anyone, especially as this is not their fault.


October 26, 2006

Inspiring walk

I had a great moment with God on the way to work..

I was driving onto campus and the Spirit told me to pull into a car park I dont normally turn into, so I turned into the carpark. Parked in the only one free space in the carpark to walk the rest of the way. As I got out I had this feeling, it’s exactly the same feeling I get when a valued and loved friend says “shall we go for a walk round the block and talk, I need to share”. It was great, I walked with God and just listened, nothing specific was said to me, but I listened all the same. It was like he just wanted some of my time. It was priceless, beautiful. Then as I approached a corner and got closer to work I felt God move away. I turned the corner and was presented with a beautiful view, the sky was heavy with clouds but they were lit up by the Sun, it was inspiring.

October 25, 2006

Short of Ideas for your blog? – Idea no. 53

Blog it humour

Cant think of anything to write, why simply put a picture on your blog instead, or a cartoon!

Saw this on a blog and thought it was amusing

Home is where the Heart is

Home is where the Heart is

It is often said that ‘Home is where the Heart is’.

In my case I dont live at Home. I’ll explain, I live in a one bedroom flat in the Chapelfields area of Coventry, which I own, along with the mortagage lender. But my home is a large 8 bedroomed house in the Stivichall area of Coventry about 4 minutes drive away from my flat.

So why is home to me? A home is usually created by the people who live in the house.

The people who live in this house have become like family to me they have made their home a house that is open and available to others and they work hard to welcome and accept whose who come and visit. It has become so much of a home to me that I am nearly always there, with them. I have now reached a point where feel as though I want to move in and live with them permenantly, what’s more they welcome this idea.

I want to move in, I want to be apart of what they have created and I want to contribute to the work that is being done there. I’m not looking for an easy ride, I want to help build and grow this precious home.


October 17, 2006

Lord take it all

Lord take it all
Lord take it
its yours
what’s mine
I give to you
What was mine
is now yours
Do what you will with it Lord
its yours

Throw away what you dont
Keep what you do want
After all – it’s your now God

Give it to others if you want
cast it out if its bad
I dont expect anything in return Lord
Why would I?
Your God and I’m only a man
Take it all Lord
Take it all

Darren Deliberate

October 04, 2006

I Bottled it!

Funny thing today..

Walking across the University Campus heading towards the Chaplaincy and saw a student with a T-shirt with a picture of Jesus on it. On the T-shirt he word CRUCIFIED was prominently displayed below the picture, it looked good and I thought, wow maybe he’s a proud Christian…

So I slowed down my pace and waited for him to draw level with me…

“Cool T-Shirt” I said,

“Thank you” he said in reply looking downwards slightly in a modest way

“where did you get it from?” I asked

“Oh, a shop in London, nowhere special” He said, still in a modest way,

This has to be a Christian, I thought to myself

“Are you Christian?” I asked

“No, have you seen the back of my T-Shirt?” he said

and he turned to display the message on his back,

It Read
“And all I got was the this lousy T-Shirt, Bloodhound gang 2000a.d.

an he began to walk away…

At this point I thought to myself, ‘well if your complaining about only getting a T-Shirt when in comparison Jesus got Crucified you could always find God take up the Cross and get a proper Crucifying..’

And I was about to say it too, when…

I bottled it! LOL

I let him walk away, wounder. I wish I had said it, LOL

Covenant, Agape, and the way ahead


I have recently made a lifetime committment to my Church. Its called a Covenant, a solemn and binding promise to be faithful to my church.

Why a lifetime promise though?

If you want to build and grow a church you need a reliable foundation on which to build it. A church is its people, so to build a church of people you need a solid foundation of people to build it on. This is partly achieved by promising to be there in the future, not just tomorrow, next week or even til next year but for life. This committment carries with it a value similar to that of a marriage (without the all too common following divorce), it allows the people who have made that committent to make future plans with greater confidence and greater vision.



This is an evening where the core of the household meet, its a great time for ministering to and supporting the needs of each other. A time for seeking God collectively, to learn more about what God has planned for us and what he wants us to do. At my household ‘White Stone’ we are embarking on a very exciting stage of church growth. We have grown, to the point where we are looking to break into becoming 2 households.

The way ahead

Last night one of the elders within our church encouraged us to look ahead. More specifically he asked us to see what we can do personally to help make “Disciplers”. It states in Scripture

19Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,
Matthew 28:19

It clearly says ‘make disciples’ however at the very moment that Jesus gave this order (and it was an order not a request which is why I have put the word ‘go’ in bold) he made himself a ‘Discipler’, he empowered his men.

Our message from God is to do the same

September 28, 2006

Nothing is impossible

Recently I have had something very specific on my mind and its been troubling me a little. Last night I was brought a word by a Christian I have only recently met. A word came to her and she immediately thought it was for me. The word was “Nothing is impossible”, I was a little perplexed and admitted it didn’t say anything to me at the time. After some thought I realised it must be about what has been troubling me of late. It has given me hope, I feel encouraged that all is not lost.

Nothing is impossible if you have faith

May 19, 2006


Writing about web page http://www.notpron.com

The self proclaimed 'hardest riddle on the internet'. Over 139 fiendisly difficult levels of a crazy internet based game where the object is to progress from one level to the next by solving the riddle hidden somewhere in each page.

The levels are represented on screen by an image with a small number in the top left representing the level you are currently on. using only your wits you must find the next screen by whatever means possible (outside of using internet spoilers).

So far it has me foxed already on level 8 (and I had help from my housemates). Be warned however that it may consume your life so if you really want to do that revision its probably best not to click.

On the other hand it may be just the stimulus you need to get that thinking engine back on track.

Swings and roundabouts.

May 02, 2006


This place used to be quite different.

For a period, this blog enjoyed regular updates largely written through the self–created character I can only describe after his own catch phrase as Awesome Dan. Awesome Dan was a fascinating mouthpiece through which to express my feelings of the time allowing a laregly carefree dedication to mockery, parody and morally ambivolent praise of the unique. The character evolved as a reaction against the media and circumstances around me at the time filtered through an intensive study of nietzschean teachings that I was engaged in at the time.

Largely deliberately, the character blurred reality around my true personality (I am naturally shy)which gave me freedom to vent my own feelings with the character as a sheild. After finding some measure of popularity Awesome Dan even ventured out from behind the monitor screen for public events and went as far as participating in an election. A fantastic opening gambit in awkward social situations is to have people already think that they know you and believe you to be a fun and interesting person. Awesome Dan allowed me this kind of self–creation which began to filter from the virtual space to the real. Like all characters that people create, Awesome Dan contains a part of me, and I think it is a part of me that has come further to the front in my life since

That is some background for those not otherwise acustomed to the way things used to proceed around here. Anyway, during and since that time I began recieving a small trickle of odd fanmail from people who connected with the character and I began collating that into folder to blog later when enough time had passed to allow distance on the whole proceeding.

So here it is with some commentary:

Notice one cannot put forth relativism without using absolutes?! While life is certainly grey and a thoughtful person does not make snap judgments, thinking involves the hard and sensitive work of unscrambling the black from the white and revising one's position if new information is presented. (moral objectivism, not absolutism)
However, the institutions that many made great sacrifices to reach, at one point existed to feed and free the mind not indoctirnate the once opem minded and conscientious into hard left dogma–of which the relativism of major universities is the greatest blow hard. In a zero sum game, critical thinking has become conflated with mean spirited bad manners. Now confused with therapy, discussion is merely a pointless exploration of one's feelings (which unlike thoughts can fluctuate with your blood sugar and are the least likely to be truest to ones self–that's O.K. because as with cultic induction, so much of this indoctrination is about permanently beating down the individual.) or solipsistic emotional mastrubation. Meanwhile the ironies and hypocrasies of political correctness rear their entitled little heads as those who are appointed authenticly wronged are granted an unlimited stage for badgering and branding their views upon others.

Posted as a comment on one of my more thoughtful entries. It arrived in my inbox at some time later and wins the award for the jump out phrase 'solipsistic emotional masturbation'. Like some kind of drug induced rant by an angry philosophic ponce, I couldn't determine the connection with what I had originally wrote nor really comprehend what exactly the author was trying to express. Barmy.

Johnny Depp is so hot i would say he is even more hotter than Orlando Bloom.I would say that in the faces od Orlando Bloom lovers,thats how hot i think Johnny is.I even feel sad when people say they hate Johnny Depp i feel like Im alone at that time or i feel like crawling into my bathroom in the corner with the lights off!!!if ur reading this johnny im me my screennames r (deleted) and (deleted),or e–mail me at (deleted) please read this!!!I LOVE U JOHNNY DEPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It starts out normal enough. Johnny Depp, lovely chap yes, yes. Then it becomes slightly aggressive, before taking a sharp and sudden turn into the seriously disturbing. Johnny Depp (clearly a regular reader), I urge you, never encounter this woman. Just don't.

i dont know how i stumbled here–oh yeah the dumping thing–soo not useful btw!but the internet real life cross over–yeah it was really funny, anyway i'm a bored student and you looked hot–so its kinda fun if u ever reply(bet your psycho alert is goin crazy since i said that)anyways you're hot and funny–so enjoy the compliment!

Ha, this one I must have saved just to boost my ego. No, actually I think it was the 'psycho alert' line that actually made me somehow convinced that this fan knew something I didn't. Why would my psycho alert be going crazy? Plus, I'm kind of a grammer and spelling traditionalist and prefer my email seduction attempts coy–er? Is that a word. Likely it was just the novelty of anyone emailing me to tell me I was hot. Pure ego boostage and definitely weird.

Please let me know if this is Big Flake that raps and hip hops. I have a story for you that if interested you could make into a song. I'm not looking for money. A mothers broken heart.

Now this one is truly out of left field. Can someone really 'hip hops'. Why 'A mothers broken heart'. There could be something going on here that runs deep but its in completely the wrong place, and completely obviously so after even a moments glance at this blog. Bizarre.

u seem like a very intersting person and no my job is not a hooker im a student at bournemouth uni and im french , just starting to get used to the english lifestyle.u should come down to bournemouth and meet up with me, we'll take acid and u can get inspired for comics and we'll watch salad fingers…

Acid?! Also, for future reference, starting an email with 'no my job is not a hooker' as if it is tacitly assumed that most of my regular emails are all from hookers. Still Salad Fingers so some good taste there – makes me wonder what me and a weekend high on acid in Bournmouth would possibly produce in the realm of readable comics.


Yay, for aggressive bigamy!

Thanks for indulging this trip inside my head.

May 01, 2006

Transhumanism and its impact

Writing about web page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transhumanism

Perhaps its just the range of readings I've been sampling lately, or perhaps my addled brain is drawing connecting lines where there are none, but I'm suddenly seeing the dawning rays of a transhumanist future.

I feel oddly unprepared, transhumanism is not a topic I ever discovered in academia and indeed seems to be a movement that often takes science fiction as a key explanatory reference. Yet I feel that given my degree title its something I should have covered in more substantial depth somwhere along the lines. I'm not sure I even need to be prepared, I feel a need for some kind of action but I'm unsure how such action might even begin.

Transhumanism – transcending the current human condition. Something rightly feared by many established religions. Especially if it can promise immortality. Its an awe and maybe fear inspiring concept that the 'I' may not be fixed. One may be able to overcome ones physical limits in very direct ways, replace and improve whole limbs, run faster, jump higher and lift more. How can religions continue to hold sway over a transhumanity? Forget your abortion debates, this will be the ultimate showdown between 'science' and 'religion'. The questions just keep piling up. Can an immortal life itself even continue to hold onto meaning? Why do anything now if you have eternity in which to do it?

How will law and order keep pace with a cybernetically enhanced criminal underworld? Even if the technologies are outlawed for general use the criminals will eventually get their hands on black market technology. Will an arms race ensue as real life robo cops grapple with nano–enhanced super criminals? Will the advent of a Universal constructor destroy crime completely by eliminating wealth disparities? Or will new ways be found to mainitain a social wealth heirarchy.

Will our corrupt politicians eventually be overthrown not by the people but by a benevolent omnipotent singularity A.I. ? Will transhumans instead become trans–soldiers fighting the battles of the future in more destructive and insane ways than before?

The questions of science fiction are gradually becoming the issues of scientific fact. Its happening right in front of us and faster than most of us expect. Everyday the news draws us closer to the transhumanist future, described by Francis Fukuyama as the most dangerous idea in the world today. Choose your side wisely as this one could be brutal:

The new species, or "posthuman," will likely view the old "normal" humans as inferior, even savages, and fit for slavery or slaughter. The normals, on the other hand, may see the posthumans as a threat and if they can, may engage in a preemptive strike by killing the posthumans before they themselves are killed or enslaved by them. It is ultimately this predictable potential for genocide that makes species–altering experiments potential weapons of mass destruction, and makes the unaccountable genetic engineer a potential bioterrorist

quoted from bioethicists George Annas, Lori Andrews, and Rosario Isasi

March 05, 2006

Should equality be valued as the highest ideal?

Writing about an entry you don't have permission to view

That every will must consider every other will its equal—would be a principle hostile to life, an agent of the dissolution and destruction of man, an attempt to assassinate the future of man, a sign of weariness, a secret path to nothingness

Casting my eye over the blogs as is my now occasional dirty pleasure I stumbled upon a whole closet full of articles about feminism and abortion. As I read the entry above by Alex and the intensity of the comments following in favour of equality; I couldn't help but be put in mind of Nietzsche. Fairly unsuprising as he is my personal favourite philosopher, but in this case his thoughts are particularly interesting.

Nietzsche detested communism precisely because of its emphasis on equlity as the highest ideal, he believed that to force everyone to become equal would crush individuality and destroy that which is essential for greatness and excellence in all fields – namely difference. His argument runs roughly that the great artists, the great musicians, great statesmen; the heros in every field are known as heros because they were outstanding people. In other words they were not equal, they were not the same, they were, to use a loaded vocabulary, superior.

While I'm not going to go into a complete rehash of Nietzsches analysis of morality and ideals it will suffice to understand that Nietzsche outlines two types – Slave and Master. From wikipedia (a lazy source I know):

Slave morality begins in a ressentiment that turns creative and gives birth to values. (Ressentiment was a term coined by Nietzsche to describe the feeling of the weak, unhealthy and ugly towards those who have fared better in life.) The slave regards the virtues of beauty, power, strength and wealth as 'evil' in an act of revenge against those who have them in abundance. (On the Genealogy of Morals, First Essay, Section 10) Slave morality is therefore a reactionary morality because 'good' does not spring creatively from the individual but develops as a negation of the values of the powerful. The noble person conceives of goodness first and later determines what is 'bad' while the slave conceives of 'evil' first and fashions his own conception of 'good' in opposition to this.

For Nietzsche, equality is an ideal of the slave morality, and here I must bring up an important point that is often lost, Nietzsche does not condemn the slave morality as wholly bad and the master morality as wholly good. He is often misinterpreted as doing so as he argues points against the dominant christian morality of his (and arguably our) time. For Nietzsche though the ideal of equality was one of the worst of these slave morality values because it directly attacked the noble morality which he believed was sometimes necessary for the advancement and survival of the human race.

And isn't Nietzsche right to say that we need leaders? We need heroes? We need the great and noble among us? As members of the herd we may dislike them but everywhere we look we see societies organised in pyramids – from the most basic tribal structures to the political and economic structures of today. Just as the herd needs the great the great also needs the herd or what is he able to measure his greatness against?

Even the great thinkers of equality engels and Marx were unable to think up what a society might look like without pyramids, no clear description for the communist utopia ever appeared in their writings – all the socialist parties, commities and such like that Marx was a member of had leaders and Marx himself has clearly become a hero and Icon of equality. Which of marx's devotees wouldn't have taken a bullet to save the life of the great man?

All difficult and interesting questions for someone who want to defend the ideal of equality at all costs.

The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently

October 29, 2005

How excellent is Jam?

How tasty is Jam?
Intellect sapped:
Too much
Quantity of Slopes:
Tony Hawks
More than you hope
Less than you expect
The future of music:
Online Quizes:
Take the I Hate My Life Quiz