April 21, 2005


Dear Anyone.

I edit the Word, which after the introduction of a dedicated sub-editorial team and group of writers has improved from the quality of previous years' editions.

Still there is an ongoing review of this magazine; its format, content, regularity, everything!

I would like to hear your comments; tell me what you want from a Union Mag, do we need one? What should be in it? What would make people pick it up? How often should it come out, and what format should it be in?

All comments most welcome, a prize for the most useful

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  1. John

    Well, it'd be good to actually have an edition of the word…all those subeditors and there have only been 2 editions in term time? Can you really call that an improvement?

    21 Apr 2005, 17:33

  2. Thanks for your constructive comment. Do you have any idea how hard it is to produce a magazine of any quality? No. We decided to hold a couple of editions in order for us to set up a system that allowed us to create a decent magazine, and this is a work in progress. Mate you have absolutely no idea do you?!!

    21 Apr 2005, 18:31

  3. Ciaran Osborne

    All comments most welcome doesn't really fit with being rude to people who do comment…..

    24 Apr 2005, 16:06

  4. You're right Ciaran, there was no need to be rude. Equally there was no need to be sarcastic, and frankly rude to myself and the team of volunteers who are trying to rescue the Word. I don't mind criticism, by posting on the blogs I openly court it; being a Sabb means you often get criticism and little praise. I do, however, take exception to replies that are just intended to aggravate for the sake of it. If John had told me he thought the Word was shit, and gave me a list of reasons why, that would have been welcomed. If John had some ideas for content, or format changes as requested, I would have welcomed them. I do not welcome factually incorrect digs (there have been 6 term time editions of the Word) at the hard work of people I like.

    25 Apr 2005, 11:16

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