April 25, 2005


Hi again,

I posted before looking for suggestions of how to improve the Union's mag. The Word. All I got was some bloke telling me there had only been 2 editions in term time, and not one helpful comment.

You can do better than this!

*If you think the Word sucks, tell me why.

If you have ideas for content, let me know.

If you don't think we should even bother, then tell me!

Would you prefer a bi-termly yearbook style mag? Would you like a weekly newsheet for Societies?

A prize for the most helpful suggestion!*

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  1. How about a feature on secrets of the union. Like the fact that there are beehives on the roof…

    Or some more interviews with society execs about their society (Like VGDSoc woo!). A society event calander would be cool as well, though of course a devil to organise.

    Comics are always popular and I'm sure you could find someone to get some of those in.

    25 Apr 2005, 11:54

  2. I agree with Daniel re societies – The Word is a great way for people to find out more about clubs and societies.

    How about a web form on the SUnion website where you can submit news/articles/updates from club/societies, which are then considered for entry to The Word?

    25 Apr 2005, 12:04

  3. There are beehives on the roof?!

    I agree with Dan about the interviews, the advert style pieces are pretty boring (I only read the ones about socities I've already been in!). Plus I think each Sabb should write a piece about what they actually do, because it'd be nice to know!

    btw I don't know if you still want them, but I did some comic strips… unfortnately I then spilt a glass of water all over them. whoops.

    25 Apr 2005, 12:10

  4. Des

    How about some more inaccurate Union budgets like we got at the AGM?

    25 Apr 2005, 23:10

  5. Oh I know what you should have! Do you remember something in the sports section of the Boar a couple of years ago? It was this guy going round and trying lots of different sports clubs. You should have something like that in. Obviously it helped that the guy could write really well, but I'm sure there's plenty of people out there capable of something similar.

    26 Apr 2005, 10:31

  6. For every edition of the word, you could choose maybe 10 or so societies to each write an entry about what they've been doing and how their society is so great. You then rotate the societies from edition to edition, so that over the course of the year every society gets maybe 2 chances to wtite in the Word (you may have to adjust the numbers here to make the maths work!).

    Ultimately, everyoen can find out about what's going on in other societies that they may or may not have heard of, and all societies get an easy method to expose itself to more potential members and spread their word, whatever that may be.

    Another completely different suggestion would be to have a review of recent union events. There's always the Ents pages, where we have a calendar of ents for the next fortnight or so, but how about a section where students who have attended certain events can email in to say what they enjoyed about it and how successful they thought it was. This would also provide scope for extra exposure/promotion for struggling events.

    I'm sure i can come up with some other stuff but i'll post it here when i think of it…

    04 May 2005, 17:49

  7. Papa Lazarou

    it's poo

    13 Jun 2005, 09:54

  8. becky hall


    25 Jun 2006, 12:51

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