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January 25, 2005


Oh yes, Smallville is actually getting quite serious now. End of Season 3- what can I say? Heart stopping, breathtaking drama!
Season 4 has the added factor of a new chick, none other than Lois Lane herself. She may not have the completely stunning looks of Lana, but she has some comedy value, which Lana sadly lacks.

Which is your fav character?

a) Lana
b) Chloe
c) Lois
d) Clarke (for U girls out there)
e) Lex

Music– Killers

Killers- Hot Fuss
Only just got into the Killers, but I'm already a big fan.
Fav tracks- Indie rock and roll

Everything will be alright

There is news that The Killers might be playing at the final fling this year. I'll just go wild if they do! Other possible acts are Natasha Bedingfield and Goldie Looking Chain. Surely there's no competition between these?

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