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October 30, 2005

Teacher Paul's 24th

Well, its the end of a good, unusual night out, but a very funny one. It was TP's B'day, and we all met up at The Old Orleans for some drinks and then ppl went onto Jumpin' Jacks. I went back with Tara and watched Halloween H20 in the dark, most jumpy bit was when Sarah rang us- nearly had a heart attack.

Highlights of the evening:

  • the overwhelming smell of womens perfume in my car
  • when asked my age by the barman I said 19
  • Tara's squeal "Oooh my skirt" when the wind blew in an unfortunate direction
  • getting to Hearsal Lane, and Tara realising she had no key, so was locked out

October 29, 2005

Fancy a shower?

Today our shower's been converted to "au naturel" thanks to our landlord. We just have to wait till it rains. He was trying to fix a hole, sort of made a bigger one in the process. So this morning, Ai Vy and I have to go round to Penny's for a shower!

October 27, 2005

Photos– update

Follow-up to Photos from The Little Blog of Chav

Well, some of summer's photo's R up in my gallery now. Apologies to Tara, but U didn't bribe me, so the bin pic is up.
Oh, and sorry to Miche, but the pic is too good NOT to put up!

The momentumites


In keeping up with Alex & his blog (which is far inferior than this), thought I'd start updating my photo galleries. I've started a Singapore gallery, which will have more soon. I'll be putting up some other ones from the summer- so watch out for such photos as "Tara in a bin" and "The virgin Jenny"!

47 on the net

Finally, we have both our phoneline and internet connection at our house, in sunny Bristol road. Now I can sit back and blog till my hearts content, or until I get bored and start pestering Alex. (tho well done to him, cos he's the reason we're on the net)

October 25, 2005

Rev Rocks!

Keeping up with my new resolution to start blogging, thought I better actually mention rev for the 1st time!

If U haven't heard of Revelation (where have U been?) its the warwick's rock gospel choir. Its really good fun, singing, swaying, clapping, funny warm ups and don't forget HARIBO!

Anyway, its on tuesdays at 7:30 in the chaplaincy on campus, anyone can join, even if U R tone deaf(no joke!) cos the aim of rev is to have fun! Tonight we are all wearing some item of pink clothing, in aid of breast cancer awareness, not really a pink-kind-of-person myself, but Miche is gonna lend me her top. Hope there ain't no cameras tonight!

Finally…... come to rev!

I hate labs

Lab yesterday was really short, which was good… but this report is soooooooooo long.
Anyway, Ali- have U been checking my blog everyday for the last 9 months? Otherwise, what are the chances of U reading it the very day I decide to start blogging again.
Plus, I think its quite funny that U R regarded as the "chav" of Brass Soc!

October 24, 2005

I'm back

Finally decided to start blogging again, after 9 months!
Things R gonna start changing round here and its gonna get ugly.
I'm already talking rubbish, well gotta get to labs, chemistry is calling me.

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