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January 11, 2006

The birds and the trees

In one of those random thoughts moods again, so here goes (thought about it last night on the atomic pub crawl).

Has anyone ever seen a partridge in a pear tree? In fact, come to think of it, I don't even know what a partridge looks like (according to Penny it's smaller than a pheasant).
I'm not even sure if I've seen a pear tree either (Stefan reckons that pears could even grow from the ground!)

My point is, I think the "12 days of christmas song" gets our hopes up about wonderful birds in trees (that might not even exist).
Also, when was the last time anyone got 5 gold rings on the fifth day- or any day for that matter! I'm tempted to try and sue the songwriters for false advertising. Does anyone know who wrote it?

Anyway, if anyone sees either a partridge (10 points), a pear tree (5 points) or a partridge in a pear tree (100 points) then take a picture and let me know! (P.S. no pics from google U cheats!)

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