November 29, 2005

Sink or swim?

Random thought I had in Varsity last week-
do chickens float, or do they sink?

I reckon if they can't fly, then they'd have to swim, otherwise God's given them the short straw…
…unless they can dance, cos that would make up for it.

A test should be held to crack this thought provoking enigma out before its too late… who's with me?

(no chickens or other animals were harmed in the making of this blog entry)

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  1. haha – so tempting to experiment by throwing a couple of my neighbours chicken in the river when i get back – haha!!! (will let you know;))

    01 Dec 2005, 00:48

  2. hang on a sec…..they can fly sort of – like short distances and kind of jumping up and hovering for a sec so they might try that but i don't think they'd last very long..

    01 Dec 2005, 00:49

  3. At least Gavins not asking you about cows blowing up this time!!

    05 Dec 2005, 19:54

  4. very true but he will eventually if we haven't already exhausted that topic completely!

    07 Jan 2006, 01:17

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