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March 29, 2005


I love it when a hair cut goes well. It provides much in the way of happy vibes.

I would obviously show you all a picture of my smashing new do, but although I brought my camera home with me, I neglected to remember to bring the cable that attaches it to the computer; so photos must unfortunately wait. I know you're all desperate for photos of me, but I'm sure you'll cope. Just for a little bit longer anyway. ;)

This was the official pointless blogpost for the day.

March 28, 2005


The good old LP. I love listening to my dad's LP's when I come home to visit. There's something very familiar about playing board games with my parents while listening to music my dad bought when he was young. It's even better considering that my dad has very good taste in music: Paul Simon, Elton John, Queen and the Beatles feature heavily in the playlist, alongside all the jazz greats like Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, Glen Miller.. have you spotted whose musical taste I take after yet?

March 25, 2005

Love at first sight

The King Stone

Love at first sight. Not something I used to believe in, but you know that feeling you get when everything just clicks? A slight rush, like a natural high, but at the same time a deep feeling of calm. The knowledge that it is just right. I've definately fallen.

Yesterday I went to visit the Rollwright Stones in oxfordshire, and I fell for them as soon as I stepped through the gate. (What? You thought I was talking about a person? ;) 'Fraid I don't fall quite that easily) The Rollrights definately have an aura about them, a feeling of power which you certainly don't get at stonehenge. Of course this may have been amplified by the fact that I had the entire place to myself for the majority of the time I was there, something which doesn't happen very often at most historic sites.

All in all, I had a really great afternoon yesterday. Bombing around the english countryside, windows down, music up, glorious sunshine. After dropping some visiting friends back to oxford, I went first to Minster Lovell Hall and then to the Rollright stones, took many many photos (note to self: buy a bigger memory card) and had some very relaxing me time.

To top the day off, while I was driving home, I had a gorgeous sunset on my left, a virtually full moon on my right, and a quite spectacular rainbow spanning across the countryside.

More photos can, as usual, be seen at flickr.

March 23, 2005


Yes I know I should be working. But I'm really not in the right frame of mind for it at the moment.

For lack of any other forms of procrastination, I've returned to my old favourite of blog surfing.

Technically, seing as I've subscribed to the rss feeds for all my blogs, i don't need to go blog surfing anymore, as a handy 'ping' lets me know when something new is there for me to devour. But it seems that this systems is not entirely perfect, having seen a post on the particular blog in the evening and not been notified about it till the next morning. How long have other things been available before I knew about it. Of course, blog surfing is not just about keeping up to date with the people you normally read, it's about link jumping as well. Finding links within links, connections between blogs. Finding that this new and exciting blog you've just stumbled across is actually on the blog roll of your friends already is a bit disheartening, so you've got to go out there, and be proactive.

It's not really about avoiding work at all.

(Oh for god's sake, someone give me a willpower pill)


Writing about web page http://www.columbia.edu/~chc18/gridgame.swf

This is very addictive. So far I have a high score of 1126, although a friend has managed to achieve 2025. Any advances?

Procrastination, such an ugly word

Sunday in Prague

85 steps! 85 steps from the bottom of the hostel up to our room. Strangely enough it's the last five steps that somehow seem worse than all the other combined. I blame the high ceilings that are in all the rooms.

Today has been a good, but tiring day.A tour of the 'castle' in the morning, followed by shop walking, dinner and night time photography has meant that virtually the entire day was spent on foot. Unfortunately the castle tour could have been a lot more exciting; our guide, yellow umbrella woman (yuw), was not the most riviting speaker in the world, and the sudden appearance of snow made us very vcold. At one point while we were 'listening' (ish) to yuw we caught sight of a hot dog and mulled wine stand. This lead to us sidling away from the group tour, like naughty school children, in favour of warm food.

An afternoon's shopping lead to the purchase of glove mittens (half fingerless gloves, half mittens) and a hat, as well as the confirmation that men have a terrible sense of direction and won't admit it.

Before we set out for the castle this morning, a few of us paid a visit to one of the loval churches. A beautiful structure, architectually very impressive, but somehow it was sad to see that the no of worshippers for a sunday morning service was still almost outmatched by tourists. Possibly not as bad however as the basilica at the castle which was filled with hundreds of tourists and probably not a single worshipper.

March 21, 2005

Groundhog day

After the positively glowing reccomendation of this film by a friend, who claims it to be one of his favourite films ever, I felt that I should give Groundhog Day another shot. It has been a few years since I've seen it after all, and it might be better with repeated viewing…comments to follow as I watch:

To be entirely up front, I have to tell you that I don't like Bill Murray as a rule. But rules are meant to be broken, so I'll try not to let that colour my judgement straight away.

I have to admit I like the way it starts the whole repetition thing quite subtly, there is no flash of light, or mysterious portal, or bang on the head that sets it off, it just happens.

Hmm…it's really not grabbing me. It's not a bad film. I just think it's more suited to a sunday afternoon when there's nothing else to do.

I do like his piano playing though, and andy macdowal is great. And I do quite like the very end, when they wake up together.

7 o'clock? Again?

My brain appears to have something against me. Ever since returning from prague I've woken up at 7 o'clock in the morning, except yesterday, when it was about half past six. All this despite telling my body that it can have a lie in. Grrrr. And I'm very tired, so much so that i crawled in to bed at nine o'clock last night.


March 18, 2005

Saturday in Prague

Written while I was in prague:

I'm sat in the youth hostel at the moment, writing this on the back of some of the hostel's comment forms, as, dipstick that I am, I remembered a pen but forgot to bring any paper. Tomorrow I'll buy a notebook of some discription. Everyone else has gone out clubbing this evening, to what is purportedly Europe's largest nightclub. I hate nightclubs, invariably feeling hot, claustrophobic and lonely in equal measures. Seeing as I have this problem in the Union, I'd imagine that a saturday night in a club full of drunken stag parties and people I can't understand would be far worse. I'm much happier sat here, plugged into my ipod having a bit of a relax so that Im raring to go tomorrow morning to see Prague itself. There will be plenty of other opportunities for socialising, including he pub crawl that is already planned.

Prague, so far, is lovely. It is very much like the old german and austrian towns I remember from my childhood (such a long long time ago!), and feels somehow comfortingly familiar. I'll try to provide a much more indepth 'city tour' once all my pictures have been developed and scanned.

The city definately wins bonus points for value. When you can buy three drinks and still get change from a 100 Koruna notes (That's about £2.50) you know you're doing well. We had a treat for lunch today, eating in one of the more expensive restaurants in the square. A three course meal with drinks sil cost only abou £13. Not bad at all.

The journey over here was fairly uneventful, although I do wonder why people are so alergic to seatbelts. Why is it so difficult to understand the instruction to leave seatbelts fastened until the captain turns of the sign? One would almost think that people thought the seat belts were poisonous snakes, so eager were they to be free of them. It's not like their painful, have patience people!

End of the day, I am going to read my book and listen to some chilled music now.

March 17, 2005

There and back again…

Castle and Charles Bridge

I got back from prague last night after a very enjoyable and relaxing few days. The first of the photos (the digital and hence easily accesible ones) can now be viewed here.

March 11, 2005

Bollocks to this…

…I'm off to Prague.

But before I go, a quick woohoo! for handing in the first piece of coursework that I've actually been happy with for a long time.

March 08, 2005

MEME AID: The Bloggers' Disco.

Writing about web page http://troubled-diva.com/2005_03_06_troubled-diva_archive.html#111030256520838621

Imagine, if you will, the blogmeet to end all blogmeets. One blogosphere under a groove. A sea – nay, a veritable ocean – of "LOVE your work!" hugs, "Darling, you were ROBBED at The Bloggies!" air-kisses and "WHEN is someone going to PUBLISH you!" schmoozes, where tout le monde and their blogroll are getting royally rat-arsed on Vodka Red Bulls, and bopping around like maniacs to the sound of… WHAT, precisely?

My addition would have to be something, a little bit different. Therefore I'm opting for "Queen – The Prophet's Song". The reason for this song? I'm not entirely sure, but it's always been one of my favourite Queen songs, and I know that it's not a typical disco song, but what's a good blogmeet without a bit of diversity?

…This post brought to you in association with Troubled Diva in aid of comic relief.

Societies Federation Meeting…???

I [el Presidente] went to the societies federation around 2weeks ago to apply about making the society official. A seemingly very helpful lady and I held a conversation about the whole process…

So how do i make the society official?
Oh its simple just hand in those forms you have

ok. Do i have to see the federation comittee?
yes, they are meeting on Monday 7th March, they will email you about the meeting and when they want you to come

Oh u will need my email then... ill write it on here ok?
thats fine thanks, they will be in touch shortly

Are there any other meetings?
No, this is the last one this year

Ok, well hopefully ill get it authorized
Yes well they will be in touch soon

The 2 weeks went by and no response. The meeting that was apparently scheduled today is non-existant and now there is no record of our society ever being put forward for review… Just what is it with this university.

Rest assured I will make this society go through. I've ordered further dispatching of yet another 100 more posters (despite a lot of them being taken down by the Union!) and slowly the numbers are increasing. We're edging very close to the 30 names required…and once that is achieved watch us flourish.

An AGM will be called very shortly and our society will happen, with or without union backing/support, mainly becuase I'm bloody impatient and don't like beauracracy as it is (and not because i cant spell it).

Oh and dont worry about the seemingly large Christian Influence in the last post… I'll have words with Jill, and there will be no visits to Lyn's baptist church.
"You Christians, what is it with you, always try to get people when they are down"

Updates to follow
el Presidente

March 06, 2005

Mysteries of life

How is it that on a weekday it's near impossible to drag myself out of bed in the mornings, but at the weekend I invariably wake up earlier and feel perky?

How do I manage to get ill the week after I start taking vitamins?

I'm sure there was another one….but this stupid cold is causing my brain to malfunction. Now where's that reboot switch?

March 03, 2005

Like a kid in a candy shop…

If I was magically gifted a vast quantity of money but could only spend it in one shop, it would have to be a book shop.

Walking over to the engineering department today, I decided that it would be warmer to walk through the arts centre, however, doing so took me past a window with that fateful sign in it: "Book sale, 20% off".

Spoilt for choice.

Wandering down the isle, I decided to see if they had "The Salmon of Doubt" by Douglas Adams. I've been after it for a while, and a friend reminded me of it again recently. Two copies on the shelf. Randomly, I picked one of the two. Walking towads the till I look down at the price…"DAMAGED!" It said on the label. And it had two pounds taken off the price. The damage consisted of a slight dent in the cover. And I still got 20% off. Bargain.

So, by randomly walking into the bookshop, I actually saved money. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

February 28, 2005


Oh yes indeed.

If you look around tomorrow you may see some new posters!

Mmm. And very lovely they are too. nods

Anyways, they are encouraging everyone to join our society! Which you should all do because it's fabulous.

And besides which, we faced snow, biting cold and Humanities students to put those posters up!

And the physics corridor too.


More details to follow, most especially contact details for our acting exec. And also how the societies federation meeting goes.

Fingers crossed, or pray, or whatever it is you do, that it all goes well!

Lots of love,


Danniella goes shopping on ebay for husband

When I read the title of this article I actually thought that she (whoever she is) was actually trying to buy a husband on ebay. I was very dissapointed upon reading the actual article to find that she was actually just shopping for clothes. Far less interesting.