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October 29, 2006


Oh dear, my upbeatness from last blog has quickly drained. I attended the RaW launch party this week for the unveiling of the new schedule. We were told that everyone who applied had got a slot. This was a damn lie.

For one, I can list me as someone who didn’t get a slot. And there were a few people who were there who also didn’t. Despite completing training, applying with a friend as suggested, and having this friend with current radio experience, I still didn’t get a slot. I was suggested by the programme controller, to email the programme controller because he couldn’t sort it out right now. I had previously emailled the programme controller twice. Both times I requested a reply. Both times I received no reply. I’m not holding out much hope that this time will be any different.

I was very much looking forward to having a small radio show this year, and so was my good friend Simon. I personally was pretty disappointed. I was verging on annoyed, but in retrospect I wouldn’t go that far.

For the first time in my short life I indulged in some heavy retail therapy. It felt really good. I bought lots of clothes that I didn’t really need, but it felt like it was doing me a lot of good. Am I a bad person? Does this care free spending spree make me a slave to huge, nasty, corporate companies? I hope not. My bank balance hurts quite a lot right now, but I feel good inside so screw it. I’m going to look after number one, even if it means buying pointless articles, and shitting on some poor guy in a Far Eastern sweatshop. Controversial. Maybe I’ll take that back just a little bit.

I do have a conscience really. I have noticed that our household has produced a miniscule amount of waste the last couple of weeks, and lots of paper for our recycling box. At least I’m not shitting on the environment as well as the third world.

As a slightly lighter note to end my blog, I’m going to start a ‘song of the blog’ featurette type thing, where I tell you a song that I am listening to lots at the time of writing.

The inaugral song of the blog is Asleep In The Back by Elbow. It is very very nice and you should listen to it when you feel like relaxing a little. You probably need a little more Elbow in your life anyway, whoever you are.

See ya

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