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October 26, 2006

The Earlsdon Tourist Board

Alright gang.

The word ‘gang’ was banned from my primary school. Just though I’d share that thought.

I feel very lucky. It feels good. My course has started very smoothly this year. I expected my second year to start with a bit of a work avalanche. It hasn’t. Which is nice. I’ve got a fair bit of free time. Which again is nice. Lots of things are nice at the moment. I’m not worrying about money or anything particularly. Not worried about work, not stressed for any reason really. I’m listening to some very nice music which is also enhancing my mood. How nice.

I hope you lot are alright too. Would be a shame if you were all gloomy and stressed. Let me know how you are please. Let me know if my happiness has rubbed off a little.

On another note, does anyone know if absolutely everything happens in Leamington? I was wondering why all societies’ socials seem to happen in Leamington? I know that ‘all’ is an exaggeration, but you catch my drift. Also, if said society plans to meet up with it’s members before said social, be it in Leamington or Coventry, they seem to meet in two places. One set in Leamington, and one set on campus. Where is the gathering for the Coventry crew? For example. I am a member of Offbeat. Well, I say that, I just use it to get into the Colly, (and this year the wonderful Taylor John’s House!) for cheap. I don’t really take any active role. Sorry Offbeat folks. Anyway, I’m babbling. I want to pick up my Offbeat card to get discount Colly entrance, but to do it, I have to travel into campus beforehand, then back into Coventry for my night out. Can’t really be arsed to do that. Would rather go to ‘Spoon’s for a curry or something. It’s not that I don’t want to socialise with Offbeat people. It would be great to do that in Earlsdon. Never mind.

Rant over. I said once upon a time I wasn’t going to rant. I sold out. Sorry. Well, I didn’t rant really did I? It was just an observation. Being a Coventry kid myself, I am quick to spot how rubbish certain Cov things are, but on the other hand, I tend to defend it against any nasty people who don’t like it. Coventry has good things as well you know!

I’m not that bothered really. I’m too, erm, not bothered I suppose, to be bothered about it. That sentence doesn’t make much sense. Apologies. I’ve gone on for too long really, so you probably are just skimming and didn’t even notice that appauling sentence. I’m not bothered. I’m too busy not being stressed to be bothered.

Futures folks.

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