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May 31, 2006

Join The Club

Well, two exams down, one more to go tomorrow morning. Excellent excellent excellent. Today's exam went pretty well, which if you didn't know already or weren't going to find out from me telling you, you aren't going to be bothered about that much. That sentence made next to no sense. Don't worry if you can't fathom out what it means. Its not that important.

The buzz, (I nearly wrote 'bush' then, that would be a very different meaning) when I walked out of the exam room was fantastic. (How sad.) I was very close to pooing my pants this morning. I was not confident about this one at all. So to walk out after it not going too badly was brilliant. I sat and had a sandwich and a Solero to celebrate.

I am talking about what I have just done. I said I wasn't going to do that. Apologies. I sense that you are becoming irritated with me so I'll stop.

Simon B commented on my last post that I wrote a little like Danny Wallace. I am taking this as a very nice compliment. I have read a few of his books and enjoyed them a lot. I've obviously been influenced. I am excited that I am being compared to a proper author, type person. Maybe my blog is pushing on for a European place now, instead of languishing in mid–table. A significant step on the road to greatness.

On the other hand, Laura then commented that she was impressed that I was posting regularly. Great. Summarised…
"You post a lot."
Thanks Laura. A dent to my confidence. Nothing nice to say about my blog, just that there is lots of it. Maybe I'm being too harsh. It may be a good thing. But if my blog is to become a blog beyond superlatives, it may require more than my prose alone. Comments that spark the imagination of other readers may be a help. Comments that spark my imagination also. Especially since most of this entry has been talking about previous comments. Then again, you probably already know this don't you Laura. We have already established that Laura's blog is higher up the blog ratings than mine. Maybe it was a deliberate ploy to ensure it stays that way.

I like your style Laura. A nice tactic.

Back to Simon B's comment. He suggested that I try to start a sort of cult, no, collective, a la (anybody know how to get a funny little french dash thing on that 'a'?) Danny Wallace. I think that I might. If you wish to sign up for my little group, simply post a comment, with your name, and the words "Count me in."

Feel free also to post a more stimulating comment, but make sure it is seperate to your "count me in" comment, to avoid confusion. I don't want to get into any heated disputes with people who may or may not be in my club.

For now, this collective will remain nameless and aimless, but when the time comes, a purpose to this group may develop. Hopefully, it will enhance your lives, as well as others. That is the plan anyway. Sounds quite idealistic doesn't it. If you are unsure about it, I suggest that you read a book called "Join Me" by the one and only Danny Wallace. Yes it is worth reading, and no I will not be ripping him off directly.

Thanks for reading.

And remember to count yourself in!

May 30, 2006

The Undisputed King Of Blog

No, its not me. It is quite obviously Simon Pain. I tried to raise my profile in the kitchen slightly by suggesting I was perhaps a challenger to Simon's crown. I was laughed at.
"Today Simon gave us pictures of rabbits." Came one reply. I checked. He did indeed give us pictures of rabbits. How can I compete with that? I thought that I may not be a challenger after all.

Maybe I had cemented a second place. No. Laura's blog seemed more popular than mine as well. And that is purely about Little Tom. I have been trumped at blogging, essentially by Little Tom. Oh the shame. And then there is Mark's blog. He also has pictures. Again, mainly documenting the misadventures of Little Tom. The injustice! Tom has two blogs, both superior to mine, and he writes neither of them because he is too busy…
I'll stop there. Fill in the blank yourself.

It appears that reason behind my lack of success is to do with my blog length. I have spoken to Big Tom, and I think someone else as well. I can't remember you, Sorry. But they both said that they had visited my blog. They both said,

"It's a bit long innit." In pretty much those exact words.

So, the feedback so far suggests blog length is too long. No problem. If I am to turn this blog into the behemoth of a blog it is destined to become, I will heed your advice, and restrict blog length. What do you say? Sound like a good plan?

You have probably got bored already and are just scan reading right now because its too long already. I've had a comment to say as much on one of my previous entries. How disheartening. I need a way to grab your attention back. I need a picture! That's it! a picture! But I haven't got one. And that would almost be a direct rip–off of Simon Pain's blog. That would be cheating my way to the top of the blog ladder. I couldn't do that. You'll have to settle for mid–table mediocrity for now gang. But have no fear, I will work my way towards the top of the tree, and one day, one day , may be able to mount a challenge for the blogging crown.

May 29, 2006

Life Is Great

I have seen a few blogs now. I'm not writing quite as blind as I was. A lot of them just seem to moan about stuff. This is bad. How can we tolerate this. Rant after rant after rant.

Stop It!

Stop moaning. Students at Warwick have no reason to moan. It is a great university.

Instead of moaning about the moaners, I decided last night to write a blog about how great my life is and how lucky I am. Don't think that I am laughing at all you poor, unfortunate souls who have nothing to be happy about, because the point is that you do. Look on the bright side of things and start smiling. It is much better for you and everyone around you.

I went with friends last night to Taylor John's House in Coventry, to a night that was part of the Coventry Jazz Festival. Yes, the Midlands does know what jazz is. Stop smirking, start smiling. I know impressively little about jazz music. I used to play the guitar to a pretty low standard, so I know a little about music, but jazz was new territory for me. We arrived a little late and stood at the back, watching a drummer, saxophonist and a double bass player, improvise for an amazing period of time, creating an incredibly layered, very impressive sound.

When they had finished we grabbed a table by the bar, bought a couple of bottles of wine. Yes wine. Between sthe six of us, and happily sat and drank and chatted like we were very cultured individuals. I had never felt so middle class. But in a good way. It was then I realised just how lucky I am, and just how good things are.

If I hadn't have come to Warwick then this situation would never have arisen. And I very nearly didn't come to Warwick. On A–level results day, my grades didn't match the criteria for Warwick or even my second choice university. My heart was beating so quickly. If I didn't go to a university that was close to home (Coventry!) then I thought that my relationship with Sarah was under threat. Sarah has to travel home from de Montfort University every weekend to help out at her parents shop. So with me being so close to home, it makes it much easier for us to see each other.

Also, her parents aren't exactly red hot keen on me, for a reason I'm not going into here, so to find out that I hadn't got into university wouldn't have gone down spectacularly. But, as it turned out, I got myself online as quickly as I could, and Warwick had accepted me. It was an incredible feeling.

So now, I am at a fantastic university, around some great people, doing lots of fun things, with a girlfriend that I adore. Things seem pretty fantastic. Ok I've got exams this week, but why stress over exams? If things go slightly wrong, just change your plans a little bit. Getting a first class degree is not the be–all and end–all of everything. If you end up getting a slightly lower paid job when you graduate than somebody who got a first, and stayed in revising and stressing every night of their university lives, who would you rather be? Why should money be the reason to work so hard, and not make the most of things whilst you are young?

Anyway, exams are over for me after this week, so I've got three weeks left in campus accomodation to have a really good time. Enjoy the company of some really good friends. Go and see Sarah more often. Go out and party much more than I can currently afford to. And why shouldn't I?

If you have got all the way to the end of this then thank you for reading. Remember to look on the good side of things. Especially if you are at Warwick reading this, because your life, (I would hazard a guess) is great, and you have no reason not to smile.

May 28, 2006

Might As Well Face It…

I'm addicted to blog.

I told my girlfriend, Sarah, that I had started blogging last night, and that I had already posted two entries that had created a storm of excitement around campus.

"People just can't seem to stop talking about my blog!" I said. "And I've only written two entries! I could never have anticipated the response that I'm getting!"

Sarah, like Simon previously, seemed genuinely excited that I was publishing my thoughts to the world.

"I hope you have mentioned me in your critically acclaimed monster of a blog." She cried in anticipation of the correct response, via the medium of text message.

"Erm, yes. Of course I have told the world how incredibly wonderful you are. And I promise I will continue this trend in future entries."

I didn't put the "erm" in the actual message. That would make it obvious that I was lying.

So I have been a little untruthful. Is that such a crime? Discuss. Post a comment. No deadline this time. Maybe you feel time pressured. Hence the lack of response.

So I have been a little untruthful, but now I will make up for it now by indulging everything you need to know about my girlfriend. Even the bits you don't really want to read about.

Only joking Sarah. I'm assuming that you are reading this at some point, and you wont be as untruthful as I was and just say that you read it, and tell me how much you enjoyed it just to make me feel much better about myself, because at least one person has read it. That would be a really bad thing to do. It might even be crippling enough to make me stop writing this blog. Imagine the (potential) number of people's lives who will (potentially) have a little bit missing, knowing that there will be no more (potentially) Amazing (yes with a capital A) blog entries to read.

I like to think that I might be providing a service to the invisible masses of the internet. An escape from their daily grind, into another world of someone elses blog. A precious few minutes where they can lose themselves in someone elses thoughts. And all free of charge! This would look really good on a CV.

Or maybe you are providing a service to me? (Potentially) millions and millions of people that I can just chat to. Knowing that you will probably never ever meet me or even know who I am. Or know anything about me. I can say anything I want to you. I can offend you in lots of ways and I will never feel the consequences. Or will I get kicked off the blog list or something? Can I swear in these blogs? If you know then let me know. Post a comment. That would be nice.

This doesn't have to be a one way thing you know. If I'm providing you with all this text then a few short words isn't really a lot to ask for is it? Just a small amount of feedback. Nothing nasty. That is defeating the object. Unless you swear, then I know that I can swear back. That would answer my question quite nicely. You would be having a go at me but actually telling me what I wanted to know. So up yours! Is that swearing? I'll leave it there and see if I can get away with it.

Right. I'm starving.

"No!" You say. "Don't leave us yet! We want more!"

Sorry. Unless Sarah lies to me about reading this, then I will give you more my friends. Have no fear. I will lead you to a better place. A place where "up your's" is not offensive. A place where a small comment is not too much to ask for. A place where "blogging" adds to my employability. The invisible masses saw this place, And saw that it was good. They called it Coventry, And lo, The gospel of Gary was born. Gary appeared unto them, and told them to worship the one true blog, and they will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only if they reply faithfully to blog entries.

Another Blog Entry

Another blog entry right here.

"But so soon!" I hear you cry out.
"Yes. So soon after my first installment I return to blog again."

I appreciate that you haven't had time to fully digest my last offering. I know this because nobody has posted any comments. I presume you will come back again in the morning and reply to my last blog, and then maybe late afternoon/evening time to reply to this.


I told Simon that I had started a blog and he seemed genuinely excited. He may have not have been interested at all. I may have blown his mild interest way out of proportion because I secretly want this blog to become collossal. I want it to appear on the news, in the papers, in the Sun, in the Guiness Book of World Records (do they still have one of those?), as the most read blog ever. I want people to talk about it in the street to their friends.
"Hey! Have you seen the new entry?!"
"Yeah! Its Amazing!"
I accidentally put a capital letter on that amazing but I'm going to leave it there for effect.
A 'super–blog' if you will. Secretly. He mentioned that he expected to see lots of amusing things appearing on these pages in the near future. This concerned me. My first entry was not amusing at all really and I feel like I am letting him down. Hence the conscious effort to make this blog at least start a little more amusingly. I hope this at least makes you smile Simon. If you ever read this. And if you do I would like you to post a comment of at least 50 words. Thanks.

This blogging is actually harder than it first seemed. I don't really want to write about what I have done, or what I think. If I wanted to do that, I would tell you in person. If I know you. If I don't know you then why would I want to tell you? How do I keep an audience, who are potentially numbering millions and millions, who I know absolutely nothing about, entertained? This is difficult. You aren't going to come back for anymore at all at this rate. Let alone tell your friends. Oh well.

I was contemplating reviewing things in the blog. Like I reviewed the TCTC gig in my first entry. You know that already because you have read it and are currently digesting it ready for comment at 10am sharp. I can read your mind. You will tell your friends.

Back to the point, I can't be bothered to write reviews on everything. I have been to Pizza Hut and watched Baseketball this evening. I say this evening, it is now 1o'clock on Sunday morning, so yesterday evening. Both of which I have fairly neutral feelings on. I can't be bothered to tell you about them in any detail at all. And even if I did, the reviews would be very boring, they wouldn't stimulate any grand discussion from any corner of my huge audience. Obviously I believe rambling about not reviewing something will get you all nattering about me.

Time for bed. Congratulations again on getting to the end of this. I can see future entries being much shorter. I can't keep this pace up forever.

Well, saying that, I enjoyed writing it. And is this a particularly long blog entry? I don't know. I don't think I've ever read a proper blog before. This blog is an unnaturally long blog. Discuss.

I expect your comments to be in be 4pm sharp(ish) tomorrow (I mean today now) afternoon. Or Monday if you want. Tuesday is unacceptable.

May 27, 2006

A blog entry

This is great. I've never had a blog before.
I'm a little unsure what to write but this is a great way to put off important stuff, like revising.

I think I'm going to write about last night.

Last night Jake the Viking and I went to see a fine band called The Cooper Temple Clause at Birmingham Carling Academy 2.

I really liked their first two albums, and this gig was more or less a showcase of their forthcoming third album.

I downloaded their new single Damage earlier in the week and was disappointed with how weak it sounded. It has some nice machine gun type guitar bits in the chorus but they seem to be missing Didz Hammond. This seemed to be exactly the same live. The depth of their sound seemed to be diluted without him there.

Keiron the keyboard player took up bass duties on quite a few songs, and the band's electronic side, that he often provides, was often lost.

The majority of the new material was also very disappointing for me. It seemed watered down from the usual layered noise they can create. Lyrically it lacked an awful lot of imagination and made me cringe badly on occasions. Due to the more guitar driven sound the band were going for, the old material that was played was also very guitar driven. Many of their less imaginative, 'rock–out' songs came out, which made the set much more stale than it should have been. However, New Toys and A.I.M made me smile again, and set closer Panzer Attack was fantastic. The almost techno, electronic, slow–burning opening, showed what the band are really capable of.

I fear that if the new songs are not improved when recorded, the album could face a real lashing from the critics. I hope that the lack of sound was a result of being a member light on stage, and not a true reflection of what they can produce in the studio.

Who am I to talk though?! I've never seen Academy 2 so full, and the crowd seemed to enjoy every minute. The new material was very warmly recieved, and the older tracks promped some very enthusistic jumping around. In fact I don't think I've ever experienced it being quite so sweaty in there! Maybe I'm being too harsh on them. I just hope that they buck their ideas up in July at the Godiva Festival. I want to hear them play some more intricate stuff again. Digital Observations, Did You Miss Me?, Written Apology all need an airing. Just to prove to me that they've still got it.

I don't suppose it matters too much. The Godiva Festival is free! and good fun whoever is playing. As long as the sun shines!

Talking about the Godiva Festival, Desmond Dekker, international reggae legend, of 'Israellites' fame, who was due to headline the Reggae tent, sadly passed away this morning. Or last night, or something, I don't know many details. Sorry. But anyway, it looks like his support band the Aces will still perform a tribute to Desmond at the festival. Good on them as well.

Better actually do some proper work now. I enjoyed writing that though. Congratulations if you have got all the way through it!

Please don't comment on my spelling or grammer or lack of vocabulary. I am a science student. I don't care.

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