June 08, 2006

Uninspiring Blog Entry Title

Well, I seem to have touched a little one of Mr Pain's nerves with that last entry. I apologise Simon, I really do. Honestly I feel so bad that you still have exams and I don't so I can sit in the sunshine and do not a lot at all and not feel guilty. Snigger. Sorry.

It will all be over soon Simon and you will able to relax as much as everyone else. Until then, I blow a raspberry at you and make a silly wave with my hands.

Happy Birthday to Tanya! Who is the grand old age of 19 today. I am now the only member of the kitchen who is still 18. I feel so youthful. Kind of. And because I am the baby of the kitchen, I can blow raspberries and wave my hands in a silly manner and nobody minds. Until I do it once too often and then I might get a smacked arse. But then I will take you to court because it constitutes child abuse. So there. (I blow another raspberry to spite you.)

(And another.)

Enough childishness.

I expect to see many bodies trouping to the Cov Colly tonight to get communally sweaty (I'm sure that is not how you spell communally but you get the idea.) Surely the highlight of everyone's week so far. Better than the apparent debacle that was Sugar on Tuesday. I didn't go so I can't really comment, but I will anyway. Overheated, overcrowded, overpriced, (Unless you want to drink cheap vodka and the piss of a cat apparently.) I'm sure lots of people had a great time, but I'm also sure that a better time will be had by all at the mighty mighty Collesseum. (Don't bash me for spelling of Colly, they spell it a funny way anyway.) Not least because good old Jake will be there, providing a good dose of entertainment to all who are present. He may be joined by his noble side–kick Steve, or he may not. I don't think anyone here has met Steve.

Anyway, on Friday, I also expect to see many heads watching the start of the World Cup Finals!!!!! I know Germany Costa Rica doesn't sound very exciting, but wait until it starts. You will all love it. I plan to try and watch as many games as I possibly can. Even the really dull sounding ones. For example, Switzerland versus anybody else. The one bad thing about the World Cup, is that its always over too soon! Did you realsie that it is four years and about a month until the next one?! Sob. Come on England.

A final word goes to Tom Pj Tom Paddy and Tom, and other assorted physicists who I have forgotten about, who are doing their last exams today. You will all be fine, even though you are doing a really really hard physics paper.

Oh, and did you all know that Tuesday, was International Day of Slayer. Slayer as in the band. Amazing. I have decided to not form an opinion on this, for fear of offending myself with use of colourful language.

See y'all later.

Join the club. I haven't given up on you.

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  1. I was going to ask when your birthday was, but then I remembered I could just look it up on facebook. Only 74 days after your 19th I turn 20. Aggghh scary. I think Nat is slightly older than me but as far as I remember she doesn't have a facebook profile.

    08 Jun 2006, 10:53

  2. Laura Jackson

    Count me in!

    Not sure what I'm counting myself in for though, some kind of Gary group, but I'm guessing it'll be interesting.

    09 Jun 2006, 17:45

  3. sarah =P

    i for one can say that it isnt a bad thing for the world cup to be over so soon! and anyway its every 2 years that theres a major footie competition on!dont forget you'll have the euro one to look forward to! bore

    11 Jun 2006, 01:16

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