June 06, 2006

The Long Weekend Continues

So its Tuesday morning. I am still in bed writing a blog entry. Other people have exams today. I do not. I sat out in the sun and turned a fetching shade of pink yesterday. I might well do the same again today. Or I might not. It doesn't really matter when you don't have exams on.

Big Tom swore at me regularly yesterday for reminding him of the fact that he still had exams to do. Sorry friend. Well, not realy sorry, but sorry in the sort of way that means I'll give you a short break, then start to get on your nerves again. Yawn, I might go back to bed for a little while.

My collective has grown infinitely since I have been away. By that I mean I have one member. (Thank you Sarah, and welcome to my elite band of followers.) I'm not going to order you about just yet, we need more people first, but if you could go on the recruitment trail that would be nice. Try and round people up, and throw them head first into my blog. Hopefully they will be amazed as you are. Thinking about it, I'm not going to order you about at all. That sentence will surely put people off joining. I will politely request that you perform small, simple tasks. (That sounds much better.) You don't even have to do them. There will be no obligation. But, again, it would be nice if I saw a few requests being acted upon.

A question for anyone; Do you think this blog would benefit from a picture? Are people not signing up in their droves because they cannot see me? Do I appear like some mysterious dictator, with a name but no face? If you could see me, and see my kindly features, do you think that would reassure people that I am not a loony intent on world domination? ('Cause I'm not.) (Honestly.)

I could do with moving myself out of bed now, and annoying the people that still have exams. Need to go to Costcutters as well but I have my priorities. So I will leave you there for now. I think this entry is slightly shorter as well. So hopefully you are actually reading and not just skimming through.

Speak to you all soon.

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  1. You can screw right off. I'm revising for a Philosophy exam despite taking a degree in Computer Science. My fault for choosing the module I suppose though.

    You could see who still has exams this morning as there were some of us up and in the kitchen at 8:30. The Toms, Laura, Zoe and I were there, but Rich wasn't.

    Half of the people still doing exams will be joining you in the world of drunken lazyness this afternoon so just annoy them and leave the rest of us alone until we've finished exams. :P

    06 Jun 2006, 11:37

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