May 29, 2006

Life Is Great

I have seen a few blogs now. I'm not writing quite as blind as I was. A lot of them just seem to moan about stuff. This is bad. How can we tolerate this. Rant after rant after rant.

Stop It!

Stop moaning. Students at Warwick have no reason to moan. It is a great university.

Instead of moaning about the moaners, I decided last night to write a blog about how great my life is and how lucky I am. Don't think that I am laughing at all you poor, unfortunate souls who have nothing to be happy about, because the point is that you do. Look on the bright side of things and start smiling. It is much better for you and everyone around you.

I went with friends last night to Taylor John's House in Coventry, to a night that was part of the Coventry Jazz Festival. Yes, the Midlands does know what jazz is. Stop smirking, start smiling. I know impressively little about jazz music. I used to play the guitar to a pretty low standard, so I know a little about music, but jazz was new territory for me. We arrived a little late and stood at the back, watching a drummer, saxophonist and a double bass player, improvise for an amazing period of time, creating an incredibly layered, very impressive sound.

When they had finished we grabbed a table by the bar, bought a couple of bottles of wine. Yes wine. Between sthe six of us, and happily sat and drank and chatted like we were very cultured individuals. I had never felt so middle class. But in a good way. It was then I realised just how lucky I am, and just how good things are.

If I hadn't have come to Warwick then this situation would never have arisen. And I very nearly didn't come to Warwick. On A–level results day, my grades didn't match the criteria for Warwick or even my second choice university. My heart was beating so quickly. If I didn't go to a university that was close to home (Coventry!) then I thought that my relationship with Sarah was under threat. Sarah has to travel home from de Montfort University every weekend to help out at her parents shop. So with me being so close to home, it makes it much easier for us to see each other.

Also, her parents aren't exactly red hot keen on me, for a reason I'm not going into here, so to find out that I hadn't got into university wouldn't have gone down spectacularly. But, as it turned out, I got myself online as quickly as I could, and Warwick had accepted me. It was an incredible feeling.

So now, I am at a fantastic university, around some great people, doing lots of fun things, with a girlfriend that I adore. Things seem pretty fantastic. Ok I've got exams this week, but why stress over exams? If things go slightly wrong, just change your plans a little bit. Getting a first class degree is not the be–all and end–all of everything. If you end up getting a slightly lower paid job when you graduate than somebody who got a first, and stayed in revising and stressing every night of their university lives, who would you rather be? Why should money be the reason to work so hard, and not make the most of things whilst you are young?

Anyway, exams are over for me after this week, so I've got three weeks left in campus accomodation to have a really good time. Enjoy the company of some really good friends. Go and see Sarah more often. Go out and party much more than I can currently afford to. And why shouldn't I?

If you have got all the way to the end of this then thank you for reading. Remember to look on the good side of things. Especially if you are at Warwick reading this, because your life, (I would hazard a guess) is great, and you have no reason not to smile.

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  1. a rant about rants? oops

    29 May 2006, 11:38

  2. Anthony, a rant? Ok yes it was. About other rants? No. I was ranting about my life. I was being positive about the way my life is going, and trying to encourage other people to be positive as well. Apologies if it came across as if I was having a go and being pretty hypocritical. Hipocritical? I don't even know how to spell it. But I don't mind. I'm still happy.

    29 May 2006, 12:57

  3. Nice philosophy. Blogs are great as you can get advice and vent your problems to people who you are very unlikely to meet fact to face. I did that part way during last term and it really helped.

    29 May 2006, 13:30

  4. Thanks Simon. I does seem to be a great medium to communicate everything, with noone and everyone at the same time. If that makes any sense.

    29 May 2006, 16:15

  5. Laura Jackson

    Hello Gary. I like your blog. It is very nice. And I also find it rather amusing. Well done.

    29 May 2006, 20:08

  6. Zoe

    Aww..that was touching :0) – I liked that blog entry Gary. Well done. Life is Great!

    02 Jun 2006, 00:00

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