June 14, 2006

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So, numbers have doubled again since my last entry. Welcome to Tom and Simon. I'm very pleased and very honored. However, I feel that four is still pretty small. I would appreciate it much if you tried to spread the word to others. They don't have to be Warwick students, bloggers or even friends. The more the merrier, and the sooner I can start thinking about some sort of goal for this group to acheive. It would be pointless having a gang of four who don't actually do anything.

I am starting to worry about the membership of Sarah and Laura. They have been members for a little while now, and they have no word of why they have joined. I'm worried that if growth doesn't continue, original members will begin to leave. That would be pretty bad. It would be such a huge blow to my already fragile ego. I'm not sure how I'd cope. Don't leave.

What has happened to the weather?! I'm started to get a little racked off with it now. I want more sunshine so I can relax outside. Thunderstorms and hailstones is not ideal weather for sunbathing. And today it is plain miserable. Not fair. At least it gives me chance to write more blog entries and listen to more music. My Last FM page is desperately out of date, hence why I haven't put it at the bottom of my blog in a while. You are probably not really very interested in what I am listening to anyway, but I thought it would be nice to tell you nonetheless. If you are prepared to offer yourselves up to me by counting yourselves in, I thought I should at least let you know what music I like. Fair trade. And when I say, offer yourselves up to me, I don't mean sacrificially. I've stressed before I'm sure that I am not a loony. I just said it for effect really. Sorry. Don't let it put you off joining.

Who is looking forward to the Rootes bbq! Me! I expect to see many people attending. I previously pointed out a poster to Laura and relayed it to Sarah, advertising a bbq, gunge tank, huuuuge water fight, bungee running, giant Jenga etc. I told them it was the poster for the Rootes bbq. It is not for the Rootes bbq. It is for a RAG event on Monday. I apologise. I'm sure there will be plenty of fun stuff at the Rootes bbq as well. And we might as well go to the RAG event as we have nothing better to do.

Then we have the trip to Alton Towers on Tuesday, again organised by the nice people from Rootes. (They are ace.) That should also be a real hoot. Wednesday is a music societies event at the Colleseum which sounds like lots of fun. Then there will be another Colly trip on Thursday I'm assuming, end of year party on Friday and then home! What a final week! And that is not mentioning the small matter of the World Cup! Come on England! Exclamation mark!

Calming myslef down for a moment, I hope that everyone has a super last week and a half at Warwick, and doesn't get too bored back at home. I wiil post again before the end of term obviously, but I will probably forget to say it again.

After yesterday's poor offering of only a few paragraphs, this has been quite a long entry. Hope it wasn't too long for all you skim–readers out there.


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  1. Last year's Rootes BBQ was fab and there were loads of people there. It's amazing how many people you see that you know, but didn't know they lived in Rootes! And the Alton Towers trip was great too – it all made me feel very lucky to live in Rootes (and very sad I'm still not there hehe). Hope you have a great time :–).

    14 Jun 2006, 15:49

  2. sarah

    GARY IS GREAT (sorry he is a little conceited and made me do this)

    15 Jun 2006, 00:57

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