May 27, 2006

A blog entry

This is great. I've never had a blog before.
I'm a little unsure what to write but this is a great way to put off important stuff, like revising.

I think I'm going to write about last night.

Last night Jake the Viking and I went to see a fine band called The Cooper Temple Clause at Birmingham Carling Academy 2.

I really liked their first two albums, and this gig was more or less a showcase of their forthcoming third album.

I downloaded their new single Damage earlier in the week and was disappointed with how weak it sounded. It has some nice machine gun type guitar bits in the chorus but they seem to be missing Didz Hammond. This seemed to be exactly the same live. The depth of their sound seemed to be diluted without him there.

Keiron the keyboard player took up bass duties on quite a few songs, and the band's electronic side, that he often provides, was often lost.

The majority of the new material was also very disappointing for me. It seemed watered down from the usual layered noise they can create. Lyrically it lacked an awful lot of imagination and made me cringe badly on occasions. Due to the more guitar driven sound the band were going for, the old material that was played was also very guitar driven. Many of their less imaginative, 'rock–out' songs came out, which made the set much more stale than it should have been. However, New Toys and A.I.M made me smile again, and set closer Panzer Attack was fantastic. The almost techno, electronic, slow–burning opening, showed what the band are really capable of.

I fear that if the new songs are not improved when recorded, the album could face a real lashing from the critics. I hope that the lack of sound was a result of being a member light on stage, and not a true reflection of what they can produce in the studio.

Who am I to talk though?! I've never seen Academy 2 so full, and the crowd seemed to enjoy every minute. The new material was very warmly recieved, and the older tracks promped some very enthusistic jumping around. In fact I don't think I've ever experienced it being quite so sweaty in there! Maybe I'm being too harsh on them. I just hope that they buck their ideas up in July at the Godiva Festival. I want to hear them play some more intricate stuff again. Digital Observations, Did You Miss Me?, Written Apology all need an airing. Just to prove to me that they've still got it.

I don't suppose it matters too much. The Godiva Festival is free! and good fun whoever is playing. As long as the sun shines!

Talking about the Godiva Festival, Desmond Dekker, international reggae legend, of 'Israellites' fame, who was due to headline the Reggae tent, sadly passed away this morning. Or last night, or something, I don't know many details. Sorry. But anyway, it looks like his support band the Aces will still perform a tribute to Desmond at the festival. Good on them as well.

Better actually do some proper work now. I enjoyed writing that though. Congratulations if you have got all the way through it!

Please don't comment on my spelling or grammer or lack of vocabulary. I am a science student. I don't care.

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  1. Jake the Viking

    Woo first person to comment on the first post do I get an award or anything?

    I'm also impressed that I was the first name drop! Keep up the good work!

    I'm now about to attempt to somehow get my own Warwick blog without being a student if I'm succesful expect to see things which will destroy your fragile little mind.

    29 May 2006, 19:49

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