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May 31, 2006

Join The Club

Well, two exams down, one more to go tomorrow morning. Excellent excellent excellent. Today's exam went pretty well, which if you didn't know already or weren't going to find out from me telling you, you aren't going to be bothered about that much. That sentence made next to no sense. Don't worry if you can't fathom out what it means. Its not that important.

The buzz, (I nearly wrote 'bush' then, that would be a very different meaning) when I walked out of the exam room was fantastic. (How sad.) I was very close to pooing my pants this morning. I was not confident about this one at all. So to walk out after it not going too badly was brilliant. I sat and had a sandwich and a Solero to celebrate.

I am talking about what I have just done. I said I wasn't going to do that. Apologies. I sense that you are becoming irritated with me so I'll stop.

Simon B commented on my last post that I wrote a little like Danny Wallace. I am taking this as a very nice compliment. I have read a few of his books and enjoyed them a lot. I've obviously been influenced. I am excited that I am being compared to a proper author, type person. Maybe my blog is pushing on for a European place now, instead of languishing in mid–table. A significant step on the road to greatness.

On the other hand, Laura then commented that she was impressed that I was posting regularly. Great. Summarised…
"You post a lot."
Thanks Laura. A dent to my confidence. Nothing nice to say about my blog, just that there is lots of it. Maybe I'm being too harsh. It may be a good thing. But if my blog is to become a blog beyond superlatives, it may require more than my prose alone. Comments that spark the imagination of other readers may be a help. Comments that spark my imagination also. Especially since most of this entry has been talking about previous comments. Then again, you probably already know this don't you Laura. We have already established that Laura's blog is higher up the blog ratings than mine. Maybe it was a deliberate ploy to ensure it stays that way.

I like your style Laura. A nice tactic.

Back to Simon B's comment. He suggested that I try to start a sort of cult, no, collective, a la (anybody know how to get a funny little french dash thing on that 'a'?) Danny Wallace. I think that I might. If you wish to sign up for my little group, simply post a comment, with your name, and the words "Count me in."

Feel free also to post a more stimulating comment, but make sure it is seperate to your "count me in" comment, to avoid confusion. I don't want to get into any heated disputes with people who may or may not be in my club.

For now, this collective will remain nameless and aimless, but when the time comes, a purpose to this group may develop. Hopefully, it will enhance your lives, as well as others. That is the plan anyway. Sounds quite idealistic doesn't it. If you are unsure about it, I suggest that you read a book called "Join Me" by the one and only Danny Wallace. Yes it is worth reading, and no I will not be ripping him off directly.

Thanks for reading.

And remember to count yourself in!

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