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May 30, 2006

The Undisputed King Of Blog

No, its not me. It is quite obviously Simon Pain. I tried to raise my profile in the kitchen slightly by suggesting I was perhaps a challenger to Simon's crown. I was laughed at.
"Today Simon gave us pictures of rabbits." Came one reply. I checked. He did indeed give us pictures of rabbits. How can I compete with that? I thought that I may not be a challenger after all.

Maybe I had cemented a second place. No. Laura's blog seemed more popular than mine as well. And that is purely about Little Tom. I have been trumped at blogging, essentially by Little Tom. Oh the shame. And then there is Mark's blog. He also has pictures. Again, mainly documenting the misadventures of Little Tom. The injustice! Tom has two blogs, both superior to mine, and he writes neither of them because he is too busy…
I'll stop there. Fill in the blank yourself.

It appears that reason behind my lack of success is to do with my blog length. I have spoken to Big Tom, and I think someone else as well. I can't remember you, Sorry. But they both said that they had visited my blog. They both said,

"It's a bit long innit." In pretty much those exact words.

So, the feedback so far suggests blog length is too long. No problem. If I am to turn this blog into the behemoth of a blog it is destined to become, I will heed your advice, and restrict blog length. What do you say? Sound like a good plan?

You have probably got bored already and are just scan reading right now because its too long already. I've had a comment to say as much on one of my previous entries. How disheartening. I need a way to grab your attention back. I need a picture! That's it! a picture! But I haven't got one. And that would almost be a direct rip–off of Simon Pain's blog. That would be cheating my way to the top of the blog ladder. I couldn't do that. You'll have to settle for mid–table mediocrity for now gang. But have no fear, I will work my way towards the top of the tree, and one day, one day , may be able to mount a challenge for the blogging crown.

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